Quick Recipe On How To Make Classic Rice Pilaf

Today I will be sharing a quick classic culinary rice pilaf recipe with you all my lovelies.

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I was very skeptical about this dish that ended up being a dish I never want to stop eating.
This is because I thought I had eaten all forms of rice; rissoto and some few continental rice dishes

However, on completion, I realised it was a beautiful dish. The colour is rich brown and the aroma is to die for.

What is a Rice Pilaf?

(Rice Pilaf, Fried plantain and vegetables)
Rice Pilaf is simply rice cooked in broth. It is very different to the rest like Jollof rice, Fried rice etc because it is normally in most cuisines baked in the oven with the broth.

It can also be cooked too but the preparation is totally different and it goes perfectly well with different types of soups and stew.

It originates around the Asian countries and there are different types being prepared today around the world!

We have the Vegetable rice Pilafs, Mushroom rice pilaf, Asparagus rice pilaf etc

However, what I will be preparing is the Classic Basic Culinary school Rice Pilaf



* Long grain rice – 2 cups
* Onions
* Margarine- 2tbsp
* Chicken stock (1 cup)
* Black pepper (2tbsp)
* Water (2cups)
* Little salt


* Put the butter in the pot and melt on medium set heat

* Add your minced onion and stir until light brown.

(Rice after continous stirring in margarine on heat)

Next is the rice. Wash your rice in cold water and rinse out. Try as much as possible to get enough water out.

* Pour in the rice and stir continuously until the rice changes it’s colour into golden brown and the margarine is well incorporated into the rice ( This is also done so the rice doesn’t get burnt)

* Pour in your chicken stock and add your black pepper, thyme and bayleaf.

* Put in 2 cups of water so it could help it cook perfectly.

* Once it’s almost done, you can garnish with mixed vegetables, carrots, shredded cooked, grilled or broiled chicken

(Tender and cooked (15minutes))
And your rice pilaf is ready, serve and enjoy with a and cold juice.

I will be so happy t get your comment on this recipe and your questions will be aptly answered.

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Love from Caterbakes.



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