How To Make The Best Liquid Chocolate At Home

Hello cupcakes,

Are you a chocolate lover or your family loves chocolate? This DIY is just for you.

Going down memory lane of how I learnt this, I could not help but laugh. I remember my roommate in the university then left the room for me when the pungent smell of burnt chocolate couldn’t let him sleep.

I couldn’t too by the way. It was from one trial to another and failure again and again until I finally got it.

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Apart from the fact that chocolate is an important ingredient in the production of the 3 categories of foods which are Appetizer, Main and Dessert, it also have many health benefits which include;

* Production of healthy semen and sperm

* It is a powerful anti-oxidant

* It helps to improve blood flow and prevents heart related issues

* It is very nutritious and definitely delicious.


Note please: What you would love to use the chocolate for is what will dictate it’s thickness.

To cover a cake, make it dense, to pour over cake, make it very creamy.


* Cocoa powder: 50g

* Margarine: 40-50g

* Milk- 200g

* Sugar: 5-6 tbsp

* Vanilla Flavour: 3 capful

* Water: 5 tbsp (depends on how thick you want it to be)

* Chocolate to milk ratio should be 1:4


1. Dissolve your sugar into the water by stirring it in.

2. Mix your cocoa powder with milk and add your margarine

3. Pour your water sugar mixture into it and transfer on a pan or pot or use the microwave to dissolve it.

4. If you using a cooker, turn on the heat and set at low. It should only be on the fire until it totally dissolves.

5. Once it dissolves, take off immediately. Do not allow it to boil.

6. Allow to cool a little, transfer into a mixer, add your vanilla flavour and mix thoroughly until it is well mixed.

Cheat or hack for a thick chocolate;

If you discover your chocolate is too watery. Don’t add more cocoa powder, it will spoil it and I won’t advise you put it back on fire.
1. Dissolve CMC used in making cream or Ice cream stabilizer into water and add to it. It would thicken up
2. Put inside the freezer to thicken up before using or put into a molder to make pops.
I hope you find this article useful, share your trial experience with me in the comment section.
Love from Chef Wale.

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