Learn How To Prepare The Famous Efik- Ibibo Edikaikong Soup

Hello caterbakes family,

I’m very happy I could write about Edikaikong soup because it’s one of my favorite soup.

I know how to prepare the soup alright but I made a promise to myself I’m not going write about this soup until a native where the soup originates from prepares it in my presence.

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I wanted to compare my Technique to the original way it’s being prepared.

So my Friend a Chef from Akwa-ibom came for a visit and we decided to prepare the soup.

After watching her prepare it, I realised there is almost no difference in my recipe and hers and thus, decided to write.


It is said to originate from the Efik- Ibibio (South-South) of Nigeria which consists of the Calabar and Akwa-ibomite.

It is a very rich vegetable soup which can be very expensive to prepare if you decide to prepare it in all of its glory. The preparation entails two different distinct vegetables.



* Water Leaves (3 cups)

* Ugwu leaves (4 cups)

* Crayfish (1 cup)

* Beef 300 g

* Stock Fish (1 medium size)

* Dried Fish (1)

* Cow Skin (1 big size cut)

* Scotch bonnet

* Palm oil (2 big spoonful)

* Seasoning cubes

* Salt


These are the following preps you do before you start that makes your cooking faster;

1. Cut both pumpkin leaves and water leaves either by yourself or in the market (* Wash your pumpkin leaves early so it can be well dried before you pour in your soup)

2. Chop or grate your scotch bonnets and crayfish and set aside

3. Clean and break your dried fish. Wash your stock fish with salt and rinse.

That done? Good; Let’s start!

Preparation Steps:

* Wash your beef, cow skin and your fishes and season with seasoning cubes, little scotch bonnet and salt. Cut some onions into it too.

  • Add little water (so we could have some beef stock) and boil for about 15 mins until the meat are tender.
  • Then after the meat is well cooked, the water leaves which is already washed and sieved to remove the water content is poured on it
  • Heat here and let it simmer for 5 mins. This will release more water into the mixture as it boils.
  • Pour in your Ugwu (pumpkin leaves), the grated or chopped pepper and crayfish; then add your palmoil.

* Stir and add more seasoning cubes and salt (This might not be needed if at the earlier stage, you seasoned it well).

Cover and leave for extra 10 minutes and your Edikaikong is done

This soup can be merged with almost any type of food from rice to traditional dishes like pounded yam, starch, FUFU etc

I hope you give this lovely soup a trial and let me know the outcome. Your questions would be answered apply and I hope you get it right.

See you all next time .


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