How To Make Delicious Native Calabar Ekpang Nkukwo (Cocoyam Porridge)

Hello Lovelies,

Have you ever tried the delicious Calabar native delicacy called Ekpang Nkukwo ( Cocoyam Porridge)?

Here is a quick recipe on how to make Ekpang Nkukwo on your own.


The Creative Porridge!

Whist growing up, I never had the opportunity of eating some meals because my parent weren’t of the tribe nor do they entertain any meal they don’t know much about.

So we stuck to the normal local and simple continen

Growing up, I was lucky to be sorrounded by friends who were from the middle belt especially Calabar and Akwa-ibom.


They not only introduced me to their tribal dishes but took their time to teach me how to prepare some of which my favorite is Ekpang Nkukwo


Ekpang Nkukwo

It’s a very stressful dish to prepare and it takes patience or you gather your family around to help.


It can be prepared ordinary or .. I’m going to be infusing a little of seafood into mine.





  • Cocoyam and water yam (water yam is optional) 70:30.
  • Palm oil
  • Periwinkles
  • Ugwu leaves or Cocoyam leaves
  • Crayfish
  • Dried fish
  • Scotch bonnet 
  • Onions


Cooking Directions

  • Peel, wash and slice the Cocoyam vertically into two halves (This is so it would be easy to grate by a manual grater).



However, You can also use a mincer or a strong food processor if you don’t want to go through the hardship of manually grating it. Season the grated Cocoyam before wrapping.


  • The next stage is the real work when you have to wrap the grated Cocoyam inside the Cocoyam leaves or ugwu leaves.



  • Using a small spoon in the case of ugwu leaves, scoop some grated Cocoyam into the leaves and from the edge, wrap around it till it’s completely covered.


  • After these is done, set your pot on fire, put your periwinkles first so the leaves don’t stick at the bottom and place the wrapped grated Cocoyam inside the pot.



  • You can add your smoked fish at this stage, add your saint leaves, ground crayfish and remainder of the pumpkin leaves.



  • Add your grated pepper too, some salt, onions, water and palmoil.


  • Season to taste.


  • Cover and let it cook. While cooking, you should shake the pot slightly for the heat to be well distributed.



  • Check with a fork to know when it’s done. Dont stir too much so the wrapped Cocoyam won’t scatter. Just twice or thrice for the porridge to be well mixed.


Once done, serve hot immediately and enjoy.

Would you love to try this out ?

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