How To Make Fresh And Fluffy Donuts/Doughnut At Home


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Donut is one of the most popular and elementary pastry ever created, it is easy to make and can be enjoyed alone or combined with a any soft drinks of your choice.

Some companies like Dunkin Donuts, Just donuts etc have made millions and billions from making it commercially and selling all over the world.

When properly made, it can be so sweet, succulent and filling. It’s a foundational pastry and there are over 200 types of donuts. Believe me or not, it has come to stay.
From these, you can make chocolate donut and different types of coated donuts.


* Flour- 1000g

* Magarine (Baking)

* Sugar- 100 grams or 7 tbsp

The amount of sugar actually depends on the customers (kids, youth, senior citizens) you are making for; For kids, sweet but for adults, minimize the Sweetness.

* Yeast- 3 tbsp or 5 tsp {level}

* Liquid or Powdered flavor

For liquid: 2 capful strawberry or vanilla etc

3level tbsp (Concentrated milk flavor, vanilla …)

* Pinch of salt: This increases the overall taste.

Personally, I don’t go with the idea of adding eggs, makes it kinda crunchy like cookies so I desist from adding it. (NOTE; This is in the case of ring donut remember I told you there are over 200 donuts)


• Sieve the flour and flavor (if you are using powdered flavor) in a bowl and mix with butter until it forms crumbs

• Add your salt and mix again. Set apart.

• In a smaller bowl, dissolve your yeast in little water(its not necessary the water be hot ; just warm but not cold)

• In another cup, dissolve your sugar and flavor (if you are using a liquid flavor)

• Make a hole in the midst of the flour mixture and add your dissolved yeast. Cover.

• Then mix your sugar and liquid flavour in the flour and add enough water to wrap it up. This is called pre-mixing so don’t go hard with the mixing. Mix gently.

 It must not be sticky on your hand; if it does, then add flour to thicken it up. 


• Then you knead. 


There are 2 methods I use;

The first imitates hand washing a cloth. This is done on a smooth work table. You dust your table with flour and pour your dough on it.

Then you apply pressure with your hand and drag. Repeat this process and finally wrap into a ball after some minutes.

Kneading is majorly done so that the donut can be succulent and tender when eating.

• Cut into small round shapes and smoothen it skillfully into a smooth round ball.

• Leave to rise for about 30minutes in an hot environment or 45minutes under room temperature AND FRY under medium heat for about 10minutes.

To make Ring donuts;

Take a risen dough and insert your thumb and third finger in the middle. Use the other fingers to drag it apart so it forms a ring structure and drop into oil immediately

To make Jam donuts;

Fry without making any hole and after frying. Insert your jam.
You might be wondering; Is that it? Yes! That’s it. Do not allow anybody confuse you just to justify the big money you paid.
It would be a great  honour to see you try this recipe and let me know how it goes.
Love from Chef Wale.
I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.