frozen cocktail


 Happy New month family and it’s the last month of the year where we all gather with our loved ones to rest,  go on vacation, celebrate Christmas!

It’s always a vibrant time for going out and trying out new things!!

This is a new innovation (not totally new anyway!)  in the cocktail business.

I really don’t know why people felt it necessary to create it. Maybe its just for the fun of creating something different;

However, the frozen cocktail is a masterpiece in appearance very creative and I love a twist of just anything.

First time I saw it,  I was amazed and I wonder how it was made but after many researches,  I realised its as simple as making a normal cocktail drink.

Infact,  like its name,  it’s just the frozen version of a cocktail


Cocktail to be prepared (for example, Chapman)


 Cocktail can be defined as the mixture of two or more drinks with the addition of alcohol. So the first step is to prepare your cocktail.

For example,  Chapman, margarita, daiquiris,  pinacolada etc

 Same step applies to smoothies; Although you know you need to add the creamy agent which might be bananas,  yoghurt, apple etc

Make sure the drink goes in first or in the case of smoothies,  blend well the fruit first and mix well  before adding the blocks (it’s better to use crushed ice)

Then,  pour into your blender with some blocks and then, blend well and let it mix before  pouring in cup.

  Hinge with fruit or garnish and serve. Many things you see that looks complex are usually very simple to prepare only if you are adamant enough to know how it is done and that’s the reason for caterbakes. It’s simple only if you try!  Love you and please try it out and reach back to me.  I would love to hear from you.

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