cinnamon roll recipe

Cinnamon roll

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So I give you a special pastry called Cinnamon roll.  This is a sweet bun that is eaten as breakfast in  most European countries.

It can be served with honey, chocolate, cheese, cream and different kind of syrups example, maple glaze. So, let’s get to it.

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 ° Flour 250g

 ° Sugar to taste (this is because of the in filling)

 ° Margarine 50g

° Milk (Optional)

 ° Honey to glaze or any syrup

 ° Raising Agent (yeast) 2teaspoon

° Cinnamon 1tsp

 ° Pinch of salt

 ° Sesame seeds (crunchy back, optional)


 The first step is to make the dough.

* Mix flour with margarine, raising agent and cinnamon in a container until it forms crumbs.

* Mix sugar and milk with little water, Make a whole inside the container with the hand and add your sugar-milk liquid.

* Pre-mix lightly, add more water and mix at a higher speed in your mixer.

* Pour out on a well floured board and knead until it smoothens up, fold into a ball shape and let it rest for 30mins

* After 30mins, it would have been well risen, flour your board again and flatten out with your roller. If you are making much, you can cut into two and roll out flat and wide differently.

* Next step is to glaze the inside with any topping you love.. Chocolate, brown sugar, honey, mayonnaise or any marinade of your choice

* Next step is you roll up from the side upward until it turns to a rope like or ribbon shape.

Next step is you cut vertically in different sizes.

      Baking procedure

* Spray your baking pan with oil spray or brush with butter

* Line your rolls on it and brush with eggs to give it a lovely brown appearance

* Sprinkle your sesame seed to give a crunchy base.

* Bake at medium heat for 45mins, take out and it’s ready to be devoured

Do practise today and get back to me. I will love to receive your comments, questions and criticism. Have a lovely day.


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