How To Make Corndogs| Best Homemade Corndogs Recipe

Hello fam. Hope you had enough rest from the weekend. One of the pastry that stands out in the finger foods family is the corndogs.

However, Not until 3years ago did it became a constant addition to the smallchops being served at events.

I have seen it been served at different events but only very few caterers seems to get it right. It’s surprisingly simple to make but if care is not taken, you can end up messing it up.

Corndogs (blessed be whoever thought of it) is a very sweet finger food. It’s a snack you can never get enough of and I will be given you step by step procedure on how to make excellent corndogs.


* Chicken Franks (hotdogs) 4-5 sticks

* Corn flour 2tsp

* Wheat flour 4tsp

* Powdered Milk 2tsp

* Sugar 2tsp
* Egg (1)

* Baking powder (½tsp)


* I love to make use of a narrow glass cup with which I can dip my hotdogs ( To coat the hotdog with batter)
* In a cup, mix the flour, milk, sugar and baking powder together.
* Break egg in another cup, mix and pour inside the flour mix. Pre-mix, add water and mix well to form a thick smooth batter
* Insert a skewer into the hotdogs, rub in dry wheat flour, tilt the batter cup to a side and dip the hotdog inside.
* Make sure it covers it completely, twirl from side to side until it carries enough thick batter.
* Then, pre-heat your oil and deep fry the corndogs.
* Take out and pat it dry with serviette and serve hot with milk or smoothie. Prepare and please get back to me. We love feedbacks. Leave a comment too!

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