scrambled eggs recipe

Scrambled eggs

 If you are like me and you are tired of boiled eggs or dry fried eggs, jump in here and lets have scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs are different  from the normal fried eggs in the following ways.

       Appearance and Texture

It must not be crisp and dry. It must be mushy and creamy, looking sexy and almost looking like something to glaze inside your bread.


¤  2Eggs
¤  Margarine
¤  Milk
¤  Pepper (Optional)
¤  Onions (Optional)
¤  Salt
¤  Stock cube (Optional)


For preps, I love setting up my small saucers down with the ingredients first so I don’t miss anything.

Step1: Whisk the eggs together and add your milk (2-3 spoons of liquid milk).

Step2: Mix together and add your pepper and onions and stock cubes and salt.

Everything is mixed together because the continuous stirring will not give us time for any addition.

Step3: Melt little margarine on a pan and add the mixture. Make sure you cook under a low set light and stir continuously for like 3mins until a full creamy cuddles are formed.

Then you plate and garnish with any situable vegetable.

* Note that there are different other types of scrambled eggs for example, the French scrambled eggs would not be placed directly on the fire but placed on a boiling water bowl (bain-marie) while stirring.

This is done because they want only the steam to cook it. However, this takes a lot of time even though it comes out smoother and creamier.

Then, we have the American scrambled eggs which on addition to the pan, THEY DONT STIR BUT THEY FOLD ON THE PAN AS ITS FORMING and all this different  techniques requires margarine/ butter to cook instead of oil.

It doesn’t take much time; approximately 10mins. Why not try my recipe today? Thanks.
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