How To Make PEANUT BURGER – (Home-Made and Commercial)

This peanut burger recipe will be everything you need to know about peanut burgers and how to make peanut burger. We will be discussing extensively on making homemade peanut burgers and commercial peanut burgers without eggs.

Nutritional Value

Peanut burgers are a healthy snack because it is a good source of healthy fat and oil and covered in flour which is high in carbs.


  • Peanuts- 2 cups
  • Eggs- 3
  • Flour- 3 cups
  • Sugar- 5-6 tbsp (table spoon)
  • Liquid flavor (Preferably vanilla or strawberry)
  • Groundnut oil
  • Milk flavor

Prepare three medium bowls and put inside your flour, eggs and peanuts respectively

Mix the powdery milk flavour with the flour and add little salt.

  • Break the eggs, pour in two capful of the liquid flavor in and add your sugar. Whisk all together.

Coating Process

The whole mixing will happen in the bowl where the groundnuts are.

  1. Add 2 tbsp of egg mix into the groundnut and shake the bowl to mix. Do not mix with your hands.

You will see that the eggs have coated the groundnut because the groundnuts will be shining

  1. Pour 2 handfuls of the flour mix (milk flavor and little salt) into the (groundnut-egg) and mix lightly with hand and then mix thoroughly by shaking the whole container.
  2. Repeat these (Flour, Egg mixture and shake) process until the egg mixture and flour finishes.

Fry at medium heat until golden brown in color.

Take out and serve immediately after it cools.

Serving Suggestions

There are varieties of ways it can be packaged or garnished before served;

Liquid chocolate can be drizzled on it and topped with coconut shavings, it can also be packaged, sealed and sold or eaten directly as appetizers.

Commercial Coated Peanut Recipe

Here is the non-egg method of making crunchy coated peanut burgers. This is necessary for commercial production because the usage of eggs might thoroughly increase cost of production.


  • 4 cups of peanuts
  • 3 cups of flour
  • 2 tablespoons of powdered milk flavour
  •  ¼ tablespoon of the desired flavor
  •  ¼ tablespoon of grated nutmeg
  •  ¼ tablespoon of baking powder
  •  ½ cup of sugar
  •  Water
  • Little Salt to soak your peanuts to make it salted peanut burger
  • Enough vegetable oil for deep frying


  1. Sort out the peanut from stones or spoilt ones
  2. Soak the peanuts in salt water for 30 minutes.
  3. Drain the water from the peanuts and sundry
  4. Sift all the dry ground materials from flour, powdered milk, flavour, grated nutmeg, and baking powder together in a separate bowl.
  5. Sift the flour mixture over the sundried salted peanuts and mix thoroughly to coat.
  6. Dissolve sugar in water to make sugar solution that you will use to coat the peanuts.
  7. Mix thoroughly the sugar solution into the dried peanuts until it’s fully incorporated.
  8. Put oil on fire and once the oil is hot enough, add the peanuts in small batches and fry until they turn golden brown.
  9. Remove and drain any excess oil.


Can I use Roasted Groundnut For a Peanut Burger?

The standard is to use raw groundnut so salt can be absorbed and coating process can be effective. You might experiment on other types of nuts, I’m sure it would turn out well

Are Peanut Burgers Healthy?

Peanut burgers can be a healthy snack or meal option if they are made with whole, natural ingredients and are not heavily processed or fried. However, some store-bought varieties may contain added sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats, so it is important to read the label and choose.

Can I Get A Machine That Automates All These Processes For Mass Production?

Reach out to us and we can arrange how you can buy or fabricate one.

How To Start A Peanut Burger Business?

Product Research And Development: The first thing to consider is knowing how to prepare the kind of peanut burger you want to sell and making sure it matches the governmental standard.

Financing: It is paramount to secure funds to purchase the different machines which would be used in production and also payment of staff(s).

Lastly, you must be able to secure professionals who would help with marketing, branding, packaging and distribution.

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We hope that this was helpful in helping you figure out how to make PEANUT BURGER for Home-Made and Commercial purposes. If somehow, you still feel stuck, do feel free to ask questions.

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