curry sauce

Hello guys, Today I have one question for you.

” Are you not tired of the constant pepper stew and the different soups you grew up eating?”

If you are like me and you want to experience something new, join me as I take you through the simplest sweet sauce you can do yourself. Don’t mind whoever told you it is hard to do.

  Vegetable Chicken Curry Sauce

Although, it is not a new discovery, However, this sauce is on its own lane.

It can also be called chicken gravy or vegetable chicken gravy depending on whether you decide to add some veggies.

It is very sweet and goes for almost any carbs dishes like potato, rice etc you want to prepare.


* Ground curry

* Bell pepper- Green,yellow, red °optional (added if you want to make it a vegetable)

* Carrots

* Seasonings

* Groundnut Oil

* Salt

* Cornflour

* Chicken stock

* Chicken

* Hotdogs/Chicken Franks

* Ground black pepper

* Chopped Garlic

* Chopped Ginger


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Prepping (15mins)

Before the cooking starts, there are a few things you have to have to do.

1. Slice the bell peppers in strips.

2. Marinate the chicken with some of the garlic, ginger and cook the chicken. Add your seasoning cubes ( It gives you chicken stock and get your chicken done)

3. Mix corn flour with water. Make it watery and set aside.

Okay! Let the cooking start!

After the Chicken is done, Remove the chicken and get ready to sauté your peppers.

Put 2 big spoons of Groundnut oil in a pan, allow to heat up and pour your sliced bell peppers, carrots, hotdogs, onions and scotch bonnet (ata rodo).

You can put the remainder of the ginger and garlic into it. while sauteing, stir for about 5minutes on low heat and set aside.

Turn your chicken stock into the sauted bell pepper mixture, add your curry and black pepper

(Black pepper should not be much because of the scotch bonnet we used. I put black pepper because of the exotic flavour it gives the gravy)

Reduce the heat and leave for about 3 mins before gently folding in your corn flour mixture.

(You can use other thickness too however, the focus is on corn flour)

Stir well, add your chicken, salt and seasoning cubes to taste and cover for about 5minutes and you are done!

If the sauce is too thick, you can add water to reduce the thickness.

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So why not try your gravy today and let me know how it goes.

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