Easy Juicy Oven Grilled Whole Chicken Recipe You Need To Know

Hello cupcakes,

The festive period is around the corner and what is a celebration without chicken? learn how to grill your juicy chicken with an oven .

Amidst all the foods I want to prepare this festive period, I’m sure of making a delicious oven grilled marinated whole chicken. That’s undebatable.

There is no prettier sight than a well plated shining whole grilled chicken at the center of your dining table with other dishes surrounding it.

What you need:

* A processed whole chicken (feathers and intestine removed)
* Ginger and Garlic

* Habanero Pepper

* Onions
* Blender
* Curry
* Ground black pepper
* Yagi Spice (Suya spice)
* Seasoning Cubes
* Soy sauce (optional)
* Salt
The chicken is washed and clean (even if it was purchased at the supermarket).
Then, it is patted dry and cored slightly below the skin surface. This allows easy penetration for the marinade.
This is the process of applying different spices on protein in order to make it very tasty when it is cooked.
Marination can be in form of dry rub or MARINADE is made.
Marinade is made when different root, spices and veggies are blended to create a liquid.
Today! I’m making a wet rub (marinade)
* I combine all in a blender.. peppers, little oil, diced ginger garlic, seasoning etc and blend.

* Using a brush or foam, apply the marinade generously on the whole chicken.

* Wrap in foil and refrigerate for at least 3-5 hours ( the longer the duration, the sweeter it becomes and the more the marinade would have penetrated)

* Bring out, remove the foil or if you want to grill in the foil, no problem and place on the oven tray.

* Grill for 40 minutes at 200°c. Bring out.

* Prepare another fondue (mayonnaise + ketchup + black pepper) and mix up with groundnut oil and apply on the chicken.

* Put back for another 15 minutes and you have a very beautiful shiny brown oven grilled chicken.

Try this recipe and let me know what the out come was and don’t forget to ask me any questions if you get any hinge on the way.

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