Goat Meat

Amazing day it is for us at caterbakes, so my thought is, this evening, we should all relax with a simple delicacy of Goat Meat barbeque and cocktails;

Then I thought again,  Why not write about it?!


  Asun which literally means “smoked” or “the smoked one” generally refer to a grilled and sauced goat meat which is mostly enjoyed in different relaxation centres all around Nigeria.

It is highly favored because it is very spicy and peppery. It’s also very compatible with different kinds of beer.

The Pepper Killers!

Let’s go a little bit into science, There are two things I know that has pepper denaturing properties; the first is milk and the second is beer.

So next time you consume food that is too peppery,  Get one or the two together and you will be relieved”.

So this delicacy which is very simple to prepare is a must to learn as a restaurant chef!

  ~~ Goat meat
~~ Habanero pepper (atarodo)
  ~~ Green pepper
~~ Seasoning Cubes (to taste) 
  ~~ Onions(lots) 
~~ Crayfish(Optional)
  ~~ Chicken franks(optional)


~~ Salt to taste

  ~~ Little garlic and ginger flakes or raw ones

~~ Groundnutoil (you can make it a little bit more if you need the sauce for another delicacy) 
  ~~ Curry

Prep time 15mins
Grilling time 35-45mins
Cooking time- 20 mins

There are three things you have to sectionize when preparing asun just like division of labour.

1. Get someone to start The Grill fire cos we grilling baby!!!!! Loll

2. Then someone needs to be in charge of choping, grating or blending coarsely the peppers and onions(by the way,  Lots of onion, pepper)

3. Another help most times me to prepare the meat to be barbequed

                Marinating and Grilling procedure

1. Before grilling, the meat which is butchered, cleaned and divided will be quickly marinated by rubbing in (dry rub)

* Flaked or ground garlic and ginger

* Seasoning cubes (little),

* Little say

* Ground chili pepper.

Rub lightly with oil before placing on the prepared grill.

After 20mins, the meat is turned and a little more oil is brushed along the length of the meat. This is to ensure thorough grilling. Another 20mins, it is removed.

Allow to cool.

2. Next step is dicing,  the meat must be cut in little pieces(not so little) about 3-5cm.

           Cooking Procedure

 ¤  Set your pan on a medium set light and add your groundnutoil.

¤  Let it come alive,  then your onions and peppers

¤  After 2mins,  add your grilled goat Meat and stir continuously (this is to ensure that the pepper is well mixed with your grilled meat)

Note pls: Some meat might still be hard after grilling,  so for some type of hard meat,  I might first steam the meat before adding to the peppers or add meat tenderizer while grilling. 

 ¤ Add your curry, seasoning cubes and salt to taste (be careful not to over do it because you have added them already while marinating). Stir a bit more and your Asun is ready to be served.

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Stay hot and peppery!!!!!

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.