Best Way To Prepare Nigerian Traditional Swallow (Eba) From Scratch

      Eba which is strongly native to Nigeria is one of the most commonly consumed starchy food in Nigeria.

From study, I realised almost all starch folds up and form sticky molds when processed in hot water.

This in my opinion, leads to the creation of many known traditional foods in Nigeria.

It is made from garri and due to processing method, we have the the white and the yellow garri (palmoil is added during processing.

A Brief explanation on making Garri

Garri is made from cassava. It is washed, peeled cut and soaked to be soft so it could be grounded. After grinding, it’s placed in porous bags to completely drain out liquid… It is then dried and fried in a big pan. If palmoil is used, yellow garri is formed.


The first thing to do is to boil water up to boiling point.

Pour the boiling water into a bowl. Pour the quantity of water you would love to eat or that will be enough for the family to eat. Too much hot water with little garri won’t work. The garri has to fill the hot water.

2. Sprinkle garri into the hot water until it reaches the top.

3. Leave it to rest a bit for like 2-3 minutes and start stirring. Don’t stir too much; Just make sure the whole mound is mixed together in a clockwise or anticlockwise motion 7-8 times depending on the hand you use and you are done

4. Next is for you to serve and pair it with any type of soup you desire.. Vegetables, melon soup etc.
Yummy!!!! Try this today and come back to testify. Lol..
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