steamed vegetables recipe

 Steamed Vegetables

I never really heard about this before probably due to my tribe or maybe because I never do eat out.

However, on this blessed day, we were rounding off sales at the Lagos NYSC Orientation camp where I took a stand to sell shawarma when I became hungry and wanted to eat.

I followed my colleague to a Calabar kitchen where I ordered jollof rice. I was quite surprised when I was served and beside the rice, I saw a small portion of leafy veggies which really look uncooked.

I wanted to complain but my inquisitiveness as a chef pushed me to taste some as (vegetables never

To cut the story short, I took a second plate because the veggies brought life to the food.

It was delicious and I almost fought my colleague for not introducing me earlier to the kitchen; and so, my quest for knowing the uncooked leafy vegetables was activated.

My Findings: steamed leafy veggies goes well with rice dishes for Example coconut rice, jollof rice, fried rice, white rice, couscous, plantain etc
As you have already known, it’s not cooked,no addition of oil except few condiment to give it a nice taste.


* Leafy vegetables :  Pumpkin leaves(ugu), spinach and most other edibles ones

* Monosodium glutamate (knorr cubes, Maggi)

* Onions

* Habanero pepper

Prepare The onions and pepper by choosing or slicing them, set aside.

Cut, wash and sieve out the leaf and Set aside in another bowl (do not squeeze the leaf to remove all the water because you are going to need the little drops of water in steaming the veggies)

Light your cooker and place your pot on it (set on medium heat)

Pour your onions and pepper and let it cook a bit, then crush some cubes of Maggi or knock to taste(no salt)

Pour your veggies and stir.

Cover your pot and turn your cooker to low set heat.

Let it steam for 4-5mins(dont let it cook or get dry or burnt) and take it down.

Serve With food. Okay. The second part of this article will talk on STEPS AND PRINCIPLES TO PREPARE ANY NIGERIAN VEGETABLE SOUP. Pls, don’t just read, SHARE!!!!

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