The Best Techniques To You Use In Frying Food Like A Chef

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Do you like frying food but find it difficult to do so because of the risk involved if not done properly? This article is for you.


Frying like other types of food processing is very important to the success of any food preparation. No matter how perfect your technique is, once you burn the food, it’s regarded as waste.


What you must know to perfectly get it right when frying: 

In contrast to baking, it requires more effort, attention and some EXPERIENCE OR TECHNICAL KNOW HOW so you could bring out the best out of your product. 

If all you fry is just the house meat, you might not have need to read this however, if you hate frying or you would love to know more about frying as your work demands it, let’s go.

what do you want to achieve? you are trying to get a golden brown product that is nicely done inside.


This is the most important factor when frying different foods because of their texture demands different level of applied heat when frying.

* When frying foods like marinated fish, the oil must be hot or you risk messing up the fish you are trying to fry

* When frying pastries like egg roll, your oil must be on low set heat or else, you will have an undone egg roll.

Some pastries like puffs, buns, chicken nuggets must be on medium heat or else, it will soak up the oil.

Some frying problem arises when the oil is too hot which instantly burns the outer part of the food while the internal is still fresh

So it’s safe to say the way you control the heat supply to the oil dictates whether frying would be successful or not



The two major reasons why we have splashing or hot oil splattering wildly about is the presence of water in HOT OIL or presence of water molecules trapped in fat.
So you need to Pat dry your protein sometimes before frying especially if you are basting. Also, make sure the oil is not too hot before dropping your food inside so it won’t burn you.
Never drop hot oil no matter what happens when carrying it from point to another. Even if it splashes on you during the movement or the handle suddenly becomes too hot for your hand. Suffer it like that or gently place it down. NEVER DROP THE CONTAINER!!!!!!
You probably would have noticed the popping and splashing of oil majorly happens only when you fry your proteins (beef, chicken, pork, fish etc) so you might want to ask an experienced person for help when you want to fry your proteins.

Another source of accident that can happen when frying is the use of faulty equipments. Make sure the handles of your frying pans are tightly knotted and not loose.

A loosely knotted pan handle will flip over or won’t be able to handle the weight of the hot frying oil and food within when being lifted or moved from one point to another.


1. Don’t fry frozen foods immediately it is removed from the freezer. Let it defrost before frying. This is because the frozen food will reduce the temperature of the oil to the barest minimum before picking up again and this can mess up your frying.

2. Proteins have a lot of water content which affect the consistency of the oil; so it is better to fry them separately from other foods or you fry the pastry first and make the meat the last thing to fry.

3. Oil most times absorbs the flavor of whatever you fry them with. So it’s important to be careful not to infuse a flavour of a dish into another dish due to re-using of the oil. For example, using the oil you used to fry vanilla flavored chinchin to make pepper stew!

So it is advisable to have an oil for dishes with flavours that goes together and another for other dishes.

4. When frying pastries under medium heat,  always turn over (after some seconds) the pastry immediately it is dropped inside.

Failure to do this will hinder the pastry from stretching out completely. I’m so sure you would have experienced some pastry that will turn themselves over again when you try to flip them over.

5. Sometimes, you need to switch off the heat source completely when frying or take off from the heat source when the oil is too hot and put back on when the temperature of the oil has come down.

When the temperature of oil is extremely high, it tends to start a fire at any contact with water or alcohol. So, to avoid burning down the kitchen, always put off the burner immediately you notice that the oil is extremely hot.

I hope you will follow these points next you want to fry a food product and see how much easier and safer it will be.

Stay safe,Chef Wale cares.

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.