dining table decor

      Hurray! We are gradually coming to the end of the year and a lot of celebrations and events are upon us already! Are you inviting your family over and you want to give them an experience or you want to do things differently? Do you wish to set a romantic diner for your love and you are at a loss on how to proceed? Do you wish to celebrate your success with a lovely buffet for your friends and you just don’t know what to do?
Think no more as I’m going to guide you towards setting a comfortable dining table and environment for your occasion. You are allowed to get creative, However, if you just want to do it right, these are some very important steps to take.

  Steps to setting a dinner table

1. Use well designed and colourful dish wares: 

This is important because the majority of what will be found on your table are dish wares, cutleries etc.

So make them stylish and colourful and the colour should go with the theme of the event.

For Example, white plates goes well for families and company dinner whereas, mixed colours of red, brown designs will be good for a romantic dinner

2. Engage flowers: 

   Flowers lightens up any event. It creates an atmosphere of love and excellence. It is very important to have vases of flowers at your dinner table However, make sure it is low enough so you can see each other clearly. 

It must not be an hindrance and it is usually placed at the centre of the table toward the left or right.

3.  Cutleries should be well placed at each side of the plate and plate properly positioned at each chair position. Depending on the occasion, you might use chargers,

4. Wines should also be placed at the centre of the table. Just what will be consumed.

More wines can be ordered for Incase there is need for more. Wine glass cups should be well placed beside plate too.

5. Lightening is very important. We don’t want something too bright. Lightening is the most important factor because it changes the mood and brings out the colour of your designs. If possible, you can bring in an expert but if it’s just you and your love, you can use candles or even a lantern.

Make sure the table is well litted but not too bright (Except you are having a business meeting). There are different shades and colours that will be well suited based on the main colour you intend to use

6. Middle of the table should contain your big dish where the bulk of the food is. So it can easily be served around

7.  Low Melancholy music to further soften the mood depending on the kind of dinner you are planning. Though this is not part of the items on the table but what is a real dinner without lovely soft music?!..

8. Plan your Menu very well. You can start with any type of appetizers (light foods), drinks, sandwiches before the main course (main meal).

Then finish with delicious desserts (sweet confections) examples are cakes, ice creams, chocolate drink, cookies, smoothies etc.

I believe at this point, you will already be having a very successful dinner and get your “yes”….😄😄😄

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.