How To Build A Low Income Bread Bakery In Nigeria

Hello cupcakes,

Are you thinking of venturing into a business and have have no idea on what to do? Here are few pointers to building a successful bread bakery business.


A bakery is a large scale pastry making Factory which consist of different sections all working together to churn out different types of Appetizers

Examples are different types of Breads, Pizza, Pies, Cakes etc.

Owing and maintaining a bakery can be very tasking and laborious especially when you start without any prior experience.

This post is going to cover every aspect of building not just a bakery but a low cost bakery for bread making.


If you follow my blog, you will understand that I do not copy information from any source.

Once I can’t have a first hand experience with the topic, I’m not writing about it.

This is because I won’t feel connected to the post. That said, the first thing you want to be thinking about once you have settled with yourself your decision to start a bakery is LOCATION.

Probably because I started my kitchens from scratch when I had little or no money, I don’t bother about finance when I want to start a business.

I bother more about the factors that will hinder sales when I start of which location (environment) is chief. That’s my belief system.

* The research I make is to find out if what I’m bringing is really needed there.

* Most times your environment might determine the type and price of products you produce.

Once Location is sorted out, then you must now be acquainted with all the equipment and Industrial machines needed.

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I will be starting from the most expensive to the least expensive. After this, we will now focus on how to build the low cost version.


This is the most important it is the main machinery needed to bake your bread. There are different types of industrial oven and the types are based on the kilograms of Flour they can process at a single baking process.

For Example, There are ovens that can process a Bag of flour (50kg) at a time while others can only process Half bag of flour (25kg) per single baking time.

These industrial ovens can be used to bake any kind of Pastry including Pizza. Most times, A bakery always have a side pastry pantry for sales of pastries.

Price: NGR 1.2million (1 Bag of Flour) Get it here


If you are thinking of making 100 and more bread at once, you can’t rely on the portable mixer.

So you need something big enough to mix half, quarter or a whole bag of flour at once!

Industrial mixers are machines which mixes and kneads flour, butter, sugar etc (according to your recipe) together.

It has controls for speed and others required to bring out the best of Dough and Batter you desire.

Price: #400,000 and above. See jumia and buy at discounted price


These are aluminium bread molds of different sizes and shapes used in baking of bread. It can also be called Baked Wares.

After the bread dough is well mixed, it is transferred on a flat surface where it is cut into sizes and placed in these mold to rest before the baking process.


This is the machine used in slicing bread which is packaged as Sliced Bread.


This machine helps to regulate the temperature and humidity at which the bread rises. It ensures all the breads are proofed uniformly.


This is where you stack or place your baked breads to cool before it is packaged.


You need to preserve many of your ingredients used in bread preparation so there is need for a large refridgeration system or a cooling room.


This comprises of all the small utensils like flour sifters, bread knives Bowls etc


This is in the sales section However, it is an important because this is where you display all your different types of bread you make; White bread, Wheat bread, Sour bread etc


This is the machine that rolls out dough to desired thickness and uniform sizes. It’s better than using hand and it saves time.


All the machines listed above will cost you between $10,000-20,000 depending on the size of your bakery.

You definitely don’t have a whopping $10k or else you would have stopped reading already.

So How do you build a bakery and produce without buying all these expensive Equipment?

1. Make your Bakery’s production centre closed to the customers. STAFF ONLY!

2. MUD OVEN: This is the cheapest industrial oven you can build. There are thousands of DIY on how to build a mud oven.

These oven is very effective and can make up to 25 kg of flour at once depending on the size you want to build.

You can also employ professionals to build for you and I can guarantee you it’s NOT EXPENSIVE TO BUILD


If you don’t have enough money for Industrial mixers, you must be ready to employ staffs who are well experienced in handling Large dough and rolling out by hand.

I don’t need to remind you that only you cannot do the work, if you try it, well, probably you want to experience a near death situation like I did (Click to read here)

Although, these might be laborious and definitely takes more time, However, you will be able to produce your well proofed dough to be baked.

With this method, you will still need to purchase your display counter which will be open to customers for bread display, small Wares and baked wares like baking pans, Racks, bread slicer if you decide to do Sliced Breads etc.

Those are non-negotiable However, you would have saved a lot of money.

Then, once you start making sales and profit starts trickling in, you can then save up to get the big machines.


You will need to rent a van for deliveries or purchase one for bread deliveries to different supermarts and vendors.

These can be suspended if your products are super awesome and your location is a cash cow.

I’m demand is higher than supply, you have to work on getting bigger space and increasing productions before thinking of deliveries.

At this stage, you can opt for a loan because you are sure to be able to pay back.

Do you feel my research and points listed here are practical or non practical? Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Your questions will be attended to in less than 24 hours. So feel free to send in your questions.




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