How To Start A Low Cost Pure Water (sachet water) Business (Step by step Approach from start to finish)

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It is a fact that many researchers have written on this However, I feel they failed to understand the financial situation of the country.

The question is: Must I have up to 8-10million Naira and above before I can start a pure water factory? I don’t think so.

So I’m not only going to be writing about how to start a sachet water business but how to cut cost to the fullest.

The Sachet Water Business

Pure water business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business However, many has tried and failed because they did not have a detailed plan or they didn’t seek enough advice from those already in it.

For every business including the pure water packaging business, there is a need for extensive research and this write-up may or may not contain every little detail. You can also check my post on how to start your business with N20,000 / $50

This is because of various factors like, government enacting new laws concerning production, location challenges and all sort of uncontrollable challenges which you will surely overcome if you are determined.

Detailed Planning and Research:

How To Go By It;

Because of the numerous messages requesting more information, I have written a book (See picture above) that covers ALL in detail ($10/N5000). Buying this book also gives you the opportunity of a free direct consultation and mentorship with me which is normally worth $250.

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You are definitely going to be reading this post and several others and juxtaposing them.

Also, you are going to make a lot of research concerning where you can get your equipment and machines which I’m going to be listing for you.

Once you are aware of every equipment and machines you will need, your second research will be to find out all the documents you will need and how to get them.

Then, you have to calculate to the last drop how much you will need to make it happen.

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How to get finance and how to cut cost:

Hunt for the best deals

  • If you are not really financially buoyant and you dream of having a sachet water industry. You have to give it time and make it a 2-5 year project.

During this period, you are always on the lookout for the best deals, opportunities, discount sales, black Fridays etc for all the equipment you need to procure.

  • You can also decide to buy or rent an already existing factory and negotiate effectively and truthfully using your business plan with the owner.
  • Another thing you can do is to get Angels Capital from wealthy financiers but to do this, you must have a very juicy practical business plan. This business plan must detail how your beneficiary will benefit and how you intend to grow the business. If he is impressed, he might decide to help you with Angel’s Capital

Equipment and Machines Needed To Start:

Water Purification System

We have different types of water purification systems but most popular are:

  • Ultra violet Bulb
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Membrane filteration

This you have to study to know which one will be best suitable for your company.

However, most companies uses ultra violet Bulb because it’s cheaper and easier to install.

Sealing Machine

This is the machine that helps to seal your distilled water and it’s price ranges between #250,000 to millions depending on the size of your factory.

Bore Hole System

Over head tanks

20KVA Generator (This is Nigeria)


This is for the conveyance of your products from the company to the retailers… Sometimes, they sell to the consumers directly in bulk.

Structures And Documents Needed For a Pure Water Packaging Company


If you are not buying over or renting an already made plant, you will need to procure a Land where you will build a bungalow for your production.

At the same time, You can rent one for your business.


I have written extensively on how to register with NAFDAC and other agencies like SON.



Since automated machines are extremely expensive, you are going to need workers that will work for you from the production manager to the delivery boys and you must include their payment in your business plan.

Other things needed;

  • Printed nylon sachets
  • Cleaning equipments
  • Overall company wears
  • Disposable gloves and headnets
  • Water treatments pack
  • Disinfectants
  • First aid box
  • Customer service section

There are still some other things needed to be done which are normal surmountable challenges but knowing these will kickstart you in the right direction.

I will surely be happy to hear from you. Your comments and questions will be promptly attended to.

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