All You Need To Know On Coronavirus Effects And Measures By Restaurants To Control It

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I would like to commence by saying condolences to families all around the world who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 popularly known as coronavirus.

Billionaire Restaurateur Tilman Fertitta, in a recent interview, revealed that He loses a whopping $ 1 million every day due to the recent waves of attack by the virus.

Apart from countries that are on lockdown, many are trying to avoid crowded places which include parks, town centers and restaurants, Malls, Clubs, etc. and only creative strategies can ensure you gain your customer’s trust.

Strategies That Can Ensure Survival Of Your Restaurant

Champion The Awareness

If you have not started or not taking it seriously, you must start. These start with sensitization of your staff, pasting information about it on the wall, distribution of free hand gloves, nose masks, hand sanitizers, etc

You can get a registered health worker to give a lecture on preventive measures.

This is important because your team has to understand that once your customer catches a whim of negligence and no awareness whatsoever, they lose trust and move to where they feel safe.

Online Delivery

Most restaurants have an online food delivery platform where people can order and it can be delivered; if you don’t, this is the time to have a solid one.

Now that some countries are on lockdown,  and plans to halt activities in others are currently in progress as the number grows, this is the time to strengthen your online Delivery platform.

For some reason, people seem to trust when their food is being delivered rather than to be at a restaurant where your neighbor can start coughing. Fortunately for all of us, the coronavirus is not foodborne.

Increased Cleanliness And Sanitation

This constitutes 60% of the needed measures to be put in place to gain your customer’s full trust.

Listed below are the sanitation exercises top restaurants in the world are adopting to tackle the coronavirus and also gain customers’ trust.

* Creating an area where your staff washes their hands every 15 minutes.

* Equipping your restaurant with hand sanitizers, thermo-scanners, hand gloves, and nose guards.

Make sure you have extras for your customers.

Also, all surfaces and door knobs must be wiped every 15 minutes so we do not have mucus or saliva anywhere.


In some cases, you might need to restructure your dining to encourage privacy. Takeout must be encouraged so you avoid overcrowding; some of your policies must be changed to go in the direction of safety and not profit as these will ensure your survival.

You should understand that any structured visible intentional effort your customer can see will increase their trust in your brand and eventually keep them.

It would also be discussed with their families and friends who would have to change their restaurants for yours.

Sensitize Your Workers

You must never put any sick worker on the front be it a server or waiter. This is not a time to manage your workers and there can be no room for emotions. Any sick worker must remain at home whether it is corona or not.

They must be in perfect health. Just a sign of sickness among your workers alone can kill your kitchen on a whim.

Lastly, these are times you save. Put all extras and set aside a financial reservoir in case after all compliance, you are still ordered by the Government to shut down.

I’m of a strong opinion that this pandemic virus will soon blow away. You need to get ready to attack the market as soon as it blows away.

Those restaurants that show empathy and love during these trying times are going to rule after the pandemic virus is shut down.

I’m always elated to see your comment; don’t hold back and keep in mind I will see it and reply.

Love from Chef Wale.



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