All You Need To Know Before Trying Out A Seafood Recipes

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Ignorance is really a disease but the refusal to seek knowledge is to be dead.
Making Seafood recipes is one of the section of culinary I avoid so much because of fear of failure.

Unknown to me, I have been in the art of cooking it without even knowing. So like me, after I’m done explaining Seafoods to you, you might be surprised it’s a simple form of cooking

SEAFOODS (Seafood cooking)

(Seafood Pasta)

This can simply be defined as the addition of any edible sea animal into cooking of any normal food we make.

The examples of seafood are countless but the ones you are familiar with are fishes, crayfishes, Shrimps, crabs, lobster, clams, calamari etc

A food is regarded as a seafood when different sea animals are incorporated into it for example, Sea food pasta, seafood rice, Sea food okro, seafood salad, grilled prawns, shrimps etc.

(Seafood salad)


* They have low unsaturated fat (Good fat) and cholesterol. It is essential if you don’t want to add up weight and it helps your overall heart condition

* They are excellent source of protein and rivals beef and other types.

* The Omega-3fatty acid found in Seafoods helps in semen quality and overall fertility in men.

We can’t make them in our body. We can only get them here.

* It is high in Minerals like Iron, phosphorus and has a lot of the Vitamin B’s.

* It is very sweet! (Lol).


* Many believe it is expensive to whip up a seafood. Actually, it’s very cheap to cook depending on the dish and recipe.

* It contains Mercury which is toxic to the body… Except you are eating shark, swordfish and all these deep sea fish, I know many familiar Seafoods have NO Mercury in them.

* SEAFOODS and Milk ( diary products)

Some says it causes skin rashes. This is completely false. It’s okay to wash down your seafood with chocolate or milk after eating.

How To Cook Your Own Seafood:

Different ways to incorporate seafood: For any dish you want to prepare, Seafoods can be incorporated in these ways:

* Side dish

(Mashed potatoes/Shrimp in sauce)
(Garnished Salmon)

* Grilled, broiled or fried and mixed into it

* You can boil and mix with your foods

* You can mix in raw when the food is about to be done (Medium- rare)

* You can serve as Main protein

* You can garnish your food with it

* You can use it to prepare your soups, sauces and fondues.

There are many recipes online to try out However, bear in mind that a seafood recipe must have Sea animals in it.
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