coleslaw salad


Good day friends.  Blessed day it is as you set about making a living and when talking about LIVING, We cannot override the importance of nutrition of which vegetables are Chief.

What is Coleslaw?

The word “coleslaw” means cabbage salad and many people confuse salad and coleslaw.

Salad is the combination of different food that are small in sizes to which vegetables are included and coleslaw just happen to fall under it.. So I was thinking, with this definition, is smallchops a salad if cucumber is added?

Health benefit

   As usual,  I will not go too deep into the chemistry so as not to bore you but believe me when I say cabbage prevents cancer of the colon,  prostrate etc.

It is anti-cancerous. It fights cancer through different enzymes of which sinigrin is part.

It’s also a source of fibre and it has anti-inflammatory proteins.  Addition benefit is that it fights bad cholesterols.

Kk. Let’s stop there before I start going into the LDL cholesterols(oh sorry, I’m already saying it lol) By the way,  Im a microbiologist; hence my love for food nutrition.


 It doesn’t take much to prepare a Coleslaw.  It’s challenge majorly is you know knowing what and what to procure. It is also necessary to wash the veggies with salt or vinegar to kill the germs on it.


  ¤ Cabbage

¤ Carrot

¤ Sweetcorn

¤ Cucumber

¤ Green pea

Additional ingredients are kale, spring onions, bell peppers, broccoli etc

¤ Mayonnaise or better, salad cream if you want it a little more sour


The Cabbage, carrot is shredded and the cucumber is diced..

The rest is added in a bowl with the cream and it is whisked together.

You can Sweetness like honey or orange juice to sweeten it up but it’s optional

It is then refrigerated because coleslaw is best served chilled.  It is eaten alone or as a side dish to rice and various kinds of food

Salad in a tray

The art of preparing a coleslaw to deliver to a customer has some little differences from home preparation.

Firstly,  the cream is not added except the customer wants it ready to consume on delivery. Also,  there is a way it’s arranged.


*  Tray or Foil tray

*  Cling film.


The shredded cabbages which is 80percent of the whole content is mixed with carrot and put(arranged) on the tray,

Next is the peas, kale and sweet corn is spread on it and finally covered with disc shaped cucumber before it is held tightly in place by the cling film.

Refridgerate and pack to deliver.


I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.