Nigerian LocalDrinks

Nigeria is a great country blessed with many natural drinks and teas; It’s however, not cool that the only one that has managed to get slightly popular is Chapman and probably zobo.

I would love to enlighten you on some of the other drinks made or rumoured to be made in Nigeria However, I won’t write extensively on them because each one of them are a complete post on its own.


Chapman is a blackcurrant based cocktail containing two or more drinks accomplined with alcohol.examples are; Grenadine(colour), Miranda and sprite(fillers), angostura bitters,  some multifructa juices etc..  It is a major cocktail in Nigeria and some few African countries.



This is a drink made from Roselle leaves and it is majorly enjoyed in Nigeria. How I wish this is what we use to make Chapman, would have been a millionaire byNOW… “just a thought”.

The sobo leaves or hibiscus can be used over and over again until the taste and colour wanes.

 Just wash,  boil in water, sieve,  add your flavours,  let it cool or refrigerate it and you are good to go.

Others are;
* Palmwine tapped from the palm tree which is a natural alcoholic drink

* Kunu: Made from maize,  millet or sorghum

* Fura de Nunu also from millet which is pounded and cooked with cow milk.

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