It’s a nice day and the atmosphere is just perfect for today’s dish which is MOIMOI.

MOIMOI ( original name worldwide) because it originates from Nigeria is that lovely smooth pudding-like dish that can be eaten alone or used as a side dish.

The lovely thing about this dish is that many things can be incorporated into it for example, we have different kinds of fish, meat, crayfish veggies etc.

I grew up preparing this dish with my mum as a sous chef; helping her to grind, fold the leaves and just practically waiting on her for every order.

I prepared this myself when I was in the university and I wasn’t surprised when it came out well, I had all my life to prepare for that day. Anyway, fast forward to today;

I would love to share my recipe for a lovely Nigerian MoiMoi (for the sake of Non-Nigerian; Bean pudding)

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* 4 cups beans

2 Tatashe (Red bell pepper)

* 4-5 Habanero pepper

* 1 big onions

* 2½ Groundnut oil-

* 2 Smoked or boiled mackerel/ titus fish

* Ground Crayfish

* Seasoning cubes

* Salt to taste

* Boiled eggs


1. The first step is to peel the bean cover. This is done by soaking the beans in water for 20minutes and rubbing the beans in-between your palm. Put some little energy into it and the skin will come off easily.

Add more water to the beans and separation will occur. The heavier shelled beans would move below while the shell will float on the surface of the water.

2. Remove the floating shells and repeat the process until the whole shells are removed.

3. Wash your tatashe and habanero, add to your shelled beans and blend until very smooth

4. Before you finish blending, part of the prepping is to boil and seasoning the fish if you are using boiled fish. When done, de-bone it and shread with hand.

Your boiled eggs should be done by now too. Slice each egg into four parts and set aside. Okay, let’s go back to our bean puree or blended bean mixture

Ground crayfish

5 For the blended beans, pour out in a bowl, add your salt and seasoning cubes, your Groundnut oil, add also your ground crayfish.

Note pls: Some people will add the fish and eggs to the mixture while some people will add it when filling the bean mixture into the leaves. This is so that each moimoi can have almost equal fish egg content.

Wrapping in leaves

The moimoi leaves are fairly big with long stems. So you cut the stems and arrange it at the base of the cooking pot.

This is done so that the moimoi will not make direct contact with the pot. It can get burnt quickly or spill it’s content out

The shape of the leaf is oval so you fold inward to form a cone shape, the break the tip and curve inside to seal the tip.

Pour in your bean mixture into the leaves, pour in your egg and fish mixture, cover the top and seal off.

6. Gently place into the pot. Repeat this process until all the mixture are wrapped.

7. Pour in water to fill in about a quarter of the pot and cook for 45minutes.

Depending on your cooker, you can bring out one about 40mins and open to know if it’s done or it needs more time.

That’s it my friends. Share the experience with me if you decide to try it out.

Let me know what you got. Will be so happy to hear from you.

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