How to prepare afang soup

Guys! This is officially the sweetest vegetables I have eaten. I just couldn’t have enough of it.

It was weekend and we thought, why not make an unusual soup; Something we know how to prepare but due to laziness, we don’t. It took sometime but afang came to mind at the end of the day.

After experiencing heaven with the soup and pounded yam, I decided to share the recipe with you so you can feel what I felt.

     Afang Soup

(Water leaves)
    (The leaves at the top is okazi leaves. Didn’t snap before putting but you could see its well grounded or pounded unlike the water leaves)

   The awesome soup originates from akwa-ibom, Nigeria and its a combination of two nice vegetables namely:

   Water leaves and Okazi leaves.


 * Water leaves (300g)

 * Okazi leaves (450g)

 * Ground crayfish


 * Stock fish

 * Shaki

 * Cow skin (ponmo)


 * Diced meat


 * Palm oil (30cl)

 * Habanero Pepper

 * Salt to taste

* Stock cubes

* Onions

* Mixed meat stock


        For convenience sake, it is important you first cut the water leaves and pound or grind the okazi leaves.

Set aside in different bowl and wash them; Set aside.

    Another thing to do before cooking is to grind the pepper and onions and set aside


      Also, boil and season the stock fish, cow skin and cow trippe, meat with stock cubes and salt to taste until soft and set aside in a bowl.


     Cooking is quite fast and not too stressful after preps is done.
   Step1:  Pour your palmoil into the pot alongside your mix meat stock and let it simmer. ( This should be done on a medium set heat)
   Step2: Pour in your stock fish, dry fish, grounded crayfish, cow trippe, meat and stir.
    Step3: After about 3minutes, pour in your pepper and stir again, lower your heat a bit and leave for 5minutes.
   Step4: Then, the first leaves that goes in is the water leaves, pour and in and cover, don’t stir.
        After 3mins, pour in the grounded okazi leaves, cover again and leave for another 3mins (all under low set heat).
         Then, open, stir and add your stock cubes and salt to taste.

     After these, cover for another 3minutes and its done!

Wawu!!!  Your tastiest vegetables ever!

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Love you all and make sure you have fun cooking it!

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