Making Vegetable Melon Soup from Melon Soup!!!!!!

  As a food lover, chef, wife and mother,  there are some food deconstructing methods one should be familiar with.  For example,  turning your potato peels into edible chips,  turning your extra soup into another without denaturing your soup.

            So, I have a neighbor who recently prepared egusi soup stocked with meat however,  he ate for some days and got tired and would have poured away. So i advised him to turn it into vegetable melon soup.  Probably you think its simply just pouring vegetables into it however,  you forget the egusi soup would have been cooked and recooked, pouring vegetables inside would not give a good taste even if it looks good.
              So I followed the following process;
      I purchased some herrings popularly known as SHAWA fish,  washed and remove the intestines, then spiced it and fry..  Now,  to fry fish without the body falling, make sure the oil gets very hot before putting the fish inside. Let it stay for like 3-4 mins before turning the side. Kk.  Then,  set aside. 

Then,  I bought some vegetables (ugu leaves) also called pumpkin.  You can use most vegetables anyway,  I cut and wash,  then I steamed it with little water,  onions,  crayfish and seasoned it. Steam for 7mins.(Notice,  I have not even mentioned the melon soup).

Once done,  I put the melon soup on low set heat,  added little more Palmoil and little water,  once it’s hot..  Add your veges, onions and crayfish mixture and mix (you can add some seasoning and salt if it has gone down due to re-warming. Finally,  add your fried fish and turn lightly.  Leave to cook for 2minutes and it’s done. The vegetables wont get too soft and the melon will not be denatured. Enjoy.

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.