Maroccaine Lounge Vs Hubmart Food Review (Episode 1)


Disclaimer: This content is not a standard of measurement for these food spots as it is only a personal journal of the chef’s experience and should not be used inappropriately!

Before history itself has food been a major core requirement for living.

It’s no news that without food, your body will degenerate and later die.

So food is most important However, what is also equally as important is the quality of the food.

These include;

* Taste

* Looks (presentation)

* Texture etc.


Tunneling down to caterers, chefs, and food vendors who exchange Money for food prepared, It is Paramount that food prepared by them must not lack in all these qualities.

This is because money is being paid in exchange for food people see as value.


So I decided to go around my city’s best restaurants, buy their food, and contrast, compare, and give my unbiased opinion… well, also to spoil myself… not always about you guys sorry lol

So on different days, I went to two very popular restaurants; Maroccaine Lounge and Bar in Victoria Island and the renowned Hubmart in Lekki Phase1

In Maroccaine, I ordered their vegetable fried rice and Chicken and in Hubmart, I ordered Fried rice, beef, Mixed chicken, and hotdog pasta in sauce.

So who wowed me the most and which food won the battle for me?

I’m going to be judging from these perspectives;

1. Ambience

2. Taste of Food

3. Presentation

4. Customer Service

5. Cost of food


Maroccaine Lounge

Awwww… I can not forget the ambiance, the extra soft cushions, the designs, the cool atmosphere, and the lights are just perfect for lovers.

If you are thinking of a place to have a heart-to-heart talk, a cool spot for you and your friends, Moroccaine is the place to visit.

I do hope to visit again but not alone this time around (you know what I mean)


Hmmm… Probably because of it’s design, it’s more of a supermarket with an inbuilt restaurant.

Nice designs and is very clean However, it’s more of a good place to get lunch, and talk business; more like a stop, buy and go restaurant.

Taste Of Food

(Maroccaine vegetable rice and grilled chicken in sauce)

Ok… Both foods were nice but one was extremely satisfying and it lingers in my head and that’s;


              (Hubmart fried rice and Mixed Pasta)

OMG! It felt like it shouldn’t finish. The chopped chicken and hotdog within the pasta was big and nice and the pasta was cooked perfectly… Not too soft or hard.


The vegetable rice tasted quite nice However, I got bored before I finished it.

Also, the big pieces of chicken tasted nice However, it was sauteed in a sauce that took from it’s lovely taste instead of adding to it.

I believe more work can be done on the sauce.


As you would have guessed, the Moroccaine chef killed it. I love the way it was designed with bell peppers and the color of the food. I was already salivating before I pounced on the food.


I believe Hubmart could have done better to make the food more pleasant to the eyes. They are lacking in that. I was not impressed.


Both had wonderful customer service smiling as they took your order and ever watchful invade you needed anything.

Also, they were not in any way disrespectful.

Cost Of Food

The vegetable rice and chicken at Maroccaine cost me $15  which was on the high side for me while my fried rice and Mixed pasta cost $6.

So after much consideration, I would say, even though, I cannot forget Moroccaine for its ambiance, Hubmart Deli Foods is the one I will choose to eat any time of the day.

This is majorly because their food in my opinion tastes better and is cheaper 🙂

Visit Google Maps for the location of these two amazing spots and go and dine there so you can make your conclusions.

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Also, don’t forget that this is just the first part of many to come.

If you are bold enough, you can invite me to come dine at your restaurant.

So Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!


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