meal prepping


Hello friends, it is paramount I write about this topic because we live in a fast track generation where time must not be wasted, thereby ruining healthy practises like taking breakfast.

This is usually replaced with black coffee and dangerous junks that ruins the health and increases the blood pressure

While it is being managed in the European countries where they still manage to whip out sandwiches and simple breakfasts ideas, it is the opposite in Africa.

For example, Lagos, Nigeria is a state where 80percent of the working population are already on the road by 5:30am; Most times even before 5:00am.

So it is almost impossible for them to take breakfast and unless you are amongst the lucky ones whose office or company provides breakfast, It means you join millions of Nigerians ruining their health.

This overall affect the average death range of a country.

      Dangers of missing breakfast

 FAT STORAGE: When you skip breakfast, signal are sent to the body to conserve nutrients to be used for the day as it confuses your not eating breakfast as scarcity of food.

So, the body converts nutrients to fat to be stored in the body and this affects your body weight. thanks

Eating high fibre and nutritious food helps to focus more on your daily routine and work. Not eating means less focus. Need I say more?

It also reduces hunger during the day which also cuts your craving for junks.

There are several reasons why people skip breakfast but chief amongst them the fear of getting late to work.

These are processes of food you undergo like de-scaling, washing and cleaning, peeling, spicing, juicing etc before the cooking part.

It takes time and it can be rigorous to do when you wake up by 4am and you are supposed to be out of your house before 6am.

So you must find time to do some important part before the day you need the meal. It might be before you sleep or when fully rested.

Apart from it being able to help achieve easy breakfast preparation, it’s fun to do and it helps you avoid mistakes in food preparation.


Let me start from the easiest to some complex dishes however, these are what you need first.

¢ Nice food box, flask etc

¢ Refrigerator to preserve what you prep.

¢ Microwave oven to quickly heat up food

¢ Ziploc bags

Cereals: They are high in fibre and can supply you the daily nutrient you need.

There is oat, corn flakes, rice flakes and different cereals you could easily cook up before you go to work. It ensures you stay off junks.

Sandwiches: There are different types but whipping up an omelette shouldnt take up to 3minutes.

Break eggs, whisk well, add pepper and salt.
Fry the egg lightly, if you have more time, you can garnish with Vegas, hotdogs, ground beef etc.
stash in-between the slice breads and cut diagonally. Stuff into your box and off you go or quickly take some bites with milk before you dash out.

Soup and Stews

In my home kitchen, this is done every weekend. This is why you need a refrigerator. All the different soups are prepared over the weekend and stored inside the fridge.

After soup is prepared, it is poured in small containers labelled Monday- Friday. So if I have to prepare dishes like :

* Rice

* Mashed Potatoes: cooked with margarine before mashing.

* Yam

* Plantains

All i do is Wake up, pour rice on fire, put salt and before I finish taking my bath, the rice is done.

For Yam: I peel, wash, cut the yams and store in the fridge before sleeping. So on waking up, I put my yams on the fire and go have a bath. By the time I’m done, it should be ready.

Before i forget, before you can be successful in this task. You must make sure you pre-plan so you will have all your materials down.

For more arduous dishes like fried rice, it is paramount you procure all the vegetables and cut down and refrigerate or you procure mixed vegetables from the supermarket.

The night before, you prepare your sauce by frying them in oil (don’t add your eggs yet or hotdogs)

When you wake up, perboil your rice with fried rice spices, bring out your sauce, heat up and add your eggs, hotdogs before stirring in the rice.

Put chicken stock in it and cover to cook for the next 15mins and it’s done. Everything should be around 45minutes. It might be longer but you achieved breakfast that will keep you fit, healthy and focus at work.

Most importantly remember that healthy breakfast is extremely important and these can be achieved if you learn the art of Meal prepping.

I hope you will start working on your health by preparing healthy breakfast for yourself and prepping afore hand.

Please read and share. Thank you.

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.