Happy new month people. It has been a wonderful year and its gradually coming to an end in grandstyle especially for us at caterbakes.

I thought of this drink because its festive Time and you will surely want to wow your families and friends coming over for the holiday.

You just have to do something different, cool and nice.

This drink is very easy to make yet very expensive and I have to confess, I have made a lot of money from this awesome tropical drink. So sit back and learn how to create this wonderful drink of life.


 Pinacolada is a sweet tropical drink which is also a pineapple-coconut based drink. It can be served blended or shaken.

Its a cocktail because its ingredients requires the addition of alcohol (Rum).

It can also be served as frozen cocktail when it is blended with ice until smooth and frosty.

° Coconut milk

° Pineapple Juice

° White rum

° Milk(optional)

° Sugar(optional)

° Coconut cream

Prep time: 20mimutes Cook time: nil

 There are several ways it can be prepared and served;

  First method

Mix your powdered milk with water (200g of milk with 50clwater)

Add sugar to taste to the milk and add your coconut milk and cream
Mix the juice with the rum
Add both mixture in a shaker with ice, shake well and sip out.

 Second method

Simple! Mix all in a blender with and add a chunk of pineapple until smooth and frosty, then, you can boast of frozen cocktail.

Serving Suggestion

Use a nice glass cup (tequila cup) or any lovely looking glass cup, pour in and decorate at the rim with wedge pineapple.

 You can also beautify the rim using the RIM EFFECT ( Cut lime and squeeze juice around the rim and turn the cup and dip inside sugar)
I have also seen it served inside real coconut shell with nice straws.


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