benefits of eating fruit and vegetables


Fruits have been in existence as far back as creation of the world and they have developed a way of surviving and adapting to the world.

Today, I will be mentioning some common fruits you eat which are very important to your system and will keep you alive and strong if only we consume the right quantity.


Do you know that eating just 2 pieces of banana can sustain you to work for one hour?

It was a fact I got through research of their calories and I have tried it many times and it worked out well for me. Don’t argue; just try it too.

Bananas also have a normal sugar content that can stabilize your blood sugar either low or high. If you are feeling nauseated/ irritated, just eat banana and you won’t vomit. You will be just fine. Please buy and verify.

Another wonderful power of this fruit is it improves your mood. If you are always sad, banana is the fruit to consume. You will just feel lighter and smile brighter.


 One of the most important part of fruit eating is the fibre content.. Any fruit that contains fibres like pineapple, oranges, apples are very good for the body in that it helps in digestion.

When the fibres get to the large intestine, they soak water and becomes like a sponge that cleanses the intestine. It also helps you maintain healthy weight and maintain blood sugar level.


(Agbalumo in Nigerian Yoruba language) Chrysophyllum albumin. Presently, the fruit is about leaving but it’s still quite available.. Pls, get as many as possible and consume.

According to research, this fruit treats many drug resistant strains of bacterial infection, diabetes, heart disease and even tooth ache.

Please take some more before it leaves. I won’t end without talking about APPLE.


 It is high in fibre content and as the popular saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctors away); so why don’t you develop a good habit in indulging in fruit eating. You won’t regret it.

Most of these fruits can be consumed as it is or made into a smoothie. It is Paramount that fruits be consumed on a daily basis.

These fruits also prevents many disaeases we acquire as we grow eg prostate gland enlargement. Fruits also contain lots of vitamin ranging from Vitamin A to vitamin k.

There are also other very important fruits for example water melon, kiwi, grapes that builds your immune system and makes one very strong.


I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.