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Setting Up A Shawarma Spot That Yields Millions

Buying this book gives you free access to Chef Wale for physical consultation and mentoring worth N150,000

Why I wrote this book and why you need it.

What you would gain when you buy this e-book.

1. I explained step by step process of how I built my kitchens and spots and started delivery chain to 15 companies
2. The book explain in detail how to build a shawarma spot with DIFFERENT BUDGETS FROM N200,000- Millions and examples of ones I have built
3. Tips that would make you the best anywhere
4. My secret recipes that I have kept for over 10 years
5. How I do not pay salary yet my workers were financially satisfied
6. All the equipments needed to make a shawarma
7. Starting an event catering service
8. How to raise finance
9. Pricing and Menu Creation
10. How to make shawarma without any equipments or machines

Why you should trust this book.

Chef Wale attended culinary school in the year 2008 and since then he has grown to teach over 1000 students, conducted 2 cooking classes and taught in over 10 culinary classes and schools including King's Court VI. He started his first shawarma kitchen 2011 and has built 4 more since inception. He has made over 300,000 shawarmas and have done over 200 events personally and with different chefs like Chef Themy of Red dish chronicles and Chef Mimi (TVC breakfast show chef) etc.

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