Sunset Cocktail

Sunset Cocktail

Sunset cocktail is an alcoholic orange based drink which, according to it’s name, mimmicks the appearance of the sun going down.

It was a drink that really captivated me because of it’s two-coloured effects in the cup.

It is usually nice when your cocktail can tell a story, describe a place, or reflect emotions. There are many recipes of these cocktail and any variants but this is by far my favorite.

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* 1cup orange juice

* 1cup pineapple juice

* Grenadine syrup

* Ice-cubes

*  Dash of Orange flavour rum or Pineapple Vodka

* Dash of Lemonade


(Sunset drink among parfaits)
 To Make this lovely drink, you should have a shaker to first premix the drink. It’s a layered drink so the Foundation should be first shaken.

*Pour grenadine syrup and the alcohol into the shaker and shake away with ice cubes

*Gently tip the cup and pour into the cup already filled with ice cubes

* Mix your orange juices together with lemonade and shake inside the shaker.

* Pour gently directly on the water ice cubes and allow to flow easily down on the grenaldine-alcohol mixture.

* It will slightly mix but most will stay up and float giving rise to the two colour display.

* Garnish with slice of orange or with fruit kebab and decorate with your parasols.

By the way,  the water ice cubes will neutralize the sweet taste of the grenadine syrup so it doesn’t become too sweet to drink.

I hope you practice and comment. I would love to hear from you. Also, help share our recipe and link. God bless you.

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