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How To Set Up A Low Cost Standard Shawarma Spot

Kindly Note that I and my team can offer this service for a small consultation fee. You are only required to get the location.

The A-Z Of Setting Up Your Shawarma Spot

Shawarma business is a very profitable business with a 55% profit margin. I was fully into shawarma business for 5years before going continental so I know my onions.

I started my shawarma business from scratch and I have also helped in setting up several shawarma spots of different sizes and budget.

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Location: I wanted to skip this point because It is expedient for you to have your location.

However, in my experience as a Chef and Entrepreneur, I got to realize; once you miss it in getting a good location for your shawarma spot, Your business already is “60percent failure”.

Nothing is more important than securing a spot that has great inflow and outflow of people (footfalls).

It might be a popular lounge, market square, bus-stops, Higher Institutions etc.

Anything less than these places will require you having a lot of luck, favour and a secret recipe that customers will lose their home training for. Lol


Since it’s a spot, I will not advise for elaborate structure. Most times, I have seen several spots with only a mini-canopy while many only uses two metal table support; one, for the Shawarma grill while the other for the presser.

What is majorly important is for your environment to be clean and if you are by the road side, it should be tarred because of dust and sand particles affecting your displayed meat


I have written extensively on the materials needed and how to prepare a very delicious and tasty shawarma. 

So there is no need repeating myself here again. However, these are the equipments needed and prices.

Shawarma Grill/Local Grill

This post is about starting a shawarma spot for all (Rich or not).

So If you are financially buoyant, I will advise you get the rotating shawarma grill However if you can’t afford it, go for the fabricated flat grill.

Price: 220,000NGR upward


If you are a skilled shawarma maker, you will understand that there is need for you to seal the ends of the wraps.

There are two types; The locally made ones and the industrial made which can be gotten from Jumia and any other online shops.

Hence need a flat surface sealing Machine. There are other short cut to this machine However, it is needed for you to get one so as to have a standard outlook.

Locally Made: 60,000NGR, Industrial Made: See Jumia


Other Equipments

* Plastic containers

* A chopping board (For your vegetables)

* Set of knives

* Meat Pickers

* Scraper Tool

* Hand Brush



If you decide to open a Suya spot, pastry shop or even main course/entree, I might not linger on this point.

However, there is something about shawarma business and branding that can’t be unraveled. No matter the size of your spot, you must be ready to brand yourself and your product.


  • Branded Outfit: You should have 2 or 3 shirts or uniforms displaying your company name and product
  • Branded Pack: Either nylon or Paper, endeavor to brand it
  • Business Cards: Have your nice business card you can staple on every sale so they could easily call for order or your location if they forgot.

See also: How to start a low cost Sachet water Industry


It’s a known formula; the more you sell, the bigger your profit. So, always create a delivery channel for your clients who can’t leave their house or companies due to various reasons.

You will be surprised how many sales you will make and your output and profit will definitely triple.

Wishing you best of luck in your endeavors and don’t forget to sign up for our mail so you won’t miss any of my posts.

Also, Sharing our post is very important to us and we appreciate you so much.


Pic Credit: @crave_shawarma




For any Questions, comment and consultation, You can reach the Chef here:








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Why You Should Stop Buying Drugs In Public Transport, Danfos And Molues (Real Stories)


This post might not be a problem in your country if yours is a developed country that has strong laws against public unregistered drug sales and marketing.

For most African countries and slums around the world, this is rampant and is a daily experience.

Although, this might be argued to be a source of livelihood for thousands involved in this trade.

However, when it comes to human lives and health, I believe no reason is solid enough.

I’m going to buttress my point with real life stories, research, personal experience and interviews I did with people who had taken the unregistered drugs.


Why You Are Likely To Buy;

* They are good marketers: First of all, they are going to give a good story of the village they came from;

How their great grandfather used it to solve different problem in the village

How the secret recipe almost got lost but for the their research and intervention

* They are also going to guarantee you of their permanent route and location with their contact so you could easily find them. Some offers repayment.

* The most efficient way they get your interest piqued or arouse is when they start mentioning symptoms and there is no way one or two of your symptoms won’t be mentioned.

* Symptoms are not ailment!

* Lastly, the drugs are always cheap.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying

1. How is it possible for one or two powders you don’t know it’s origin to solve over 30 ailments

2. Since you don’t know it’s constituents, how are you sure you will not react or be allergic to one of the ingredients For example, If you are an ulcer patient, lactose intolerant or allergic to nuts.

3. Diseases and ailments most times have similar symptoms like rashes, body pain, flu etc.

So because the marketer mentioned one of your two symptoms doesn’t mean the drug will tackle your Illness. Only way to know is through Medical Diagnosis and Medical tests.


I was in a bus when this marketer came and was marketing. He was fluent and people were already to buy when someone asked how many grams of diclofenac can a child of less than 3years can use. He said with confidence 100 grams. I died instantly (lol).

Diclofenac is a very strong anti-inflammatory and pain relieving drugs which doctors usually advises a fully grown adult to eat before using.

This will literally almost kill the child as it’s overdose effect are dangerous.

Thankfully, the person that asked was a registered nurse. She raised alarm and strongly opposed him and he left in a hurry.

Another instance: I was in a 911 commercial bus when a marketer said that the causative organism for typhoid is dupakolis… (He mentioned one strange name like that to accomplice it and I wondered if there is nobody in this big bus that is a science student)

Being a Microbiologist, I knew it was Salmonella thyphi and even though, I raised the alarm in my corner, people were still buying.

The question that keeps running in my head was: How will your powdered drug cure my ailment when you don’t even know the name?


So I met a couple in another bus that really seem to be detected by these people. So I stylishly asked them why they seem so angry at the sight of these drugs marketers.

They told me they bought some recently because the marketer was so on point with their symptoms and also gave out her number.

They got home and used and in the 30 minutes, their stomach started grumbling. That was the Genesis of their toilet rotation. The man said they excreted till they had to call their neighbors to help as they thought they would die. They called the numbers they were given and it never went through.

Even after there was nothing in their stomach to pass out again, the feeling didn’t stop. In his words: “We nearly died”

Lastly, I witnessed the death of a friend’s dad who had appendicitis.l and died because they choose to go through these means instead of proper treatment in an hospital.

My summation is; while some people would try to convince you that some drugs do work for them, Endeavor to always go to a registered pharmacy or hospital instead of patronizing the public unregistered drug marketers be it traditional or Western medicine




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Caterbakes Food News: New blog inclusive: Dominos Nigeria Unveils Mini (Smallie) Pizzas

As a chef, I personally don’t fancy pizzas majorly because I feel they are over-rated, too expensive and also because many companies and restaurants I have eaten pizzas from didn’t impress me.

However when dominos came, they set a great standard by not only producing good pizzas but creatively tapping into our local cuisines and bringing out pizza recipes that identifies with the country.

A good example is the West African Suya Pizza of which we know where Suya comes from. This is one of my favorite because it’s more meaty and spicy unlike the tropical.

Another good example is the chicken Jollof Pizza which is a mix Jollof rice, grilled chicken and hot chilled

I believe whoever came up with the idea wasn’t brought up in West Africa because Nigerians, though love their Jollof , will prefer their rice on plate.

However, it’s very creative and a good way to show they care.

Smallie Pizza

I have got mixed feelings with the invention of the dominos smallie Pizza which is less than 2$ (#550).

While I believe this will be a good opportunity for many who have always been wishing to buy pizza but couldn’t afford it because of the price, I’m of the opinion that the smallie pizza might break the pizza hype and prestige it has been enjoying for some time now.

In Nigeria for example, you just don’t wake up to go eat a pizza. It’s a “treat” because it’s not cheap. When you take your girlfriend out for pizza, she’s super exicted… Now, that’s “gone”.

The euphoria won’t be there as people that preferred to eat shawarma because of the price range can comfortably walk into dominos and order their smallie pizza.

However, don’t forget I mentioned earlier that I have a mixed feelings concerning it, so as I’m bereaving the death of the pizza hype in advance, I’m also of the opinion that dominos will make a huge turnover in profit and this is because you can now ditch shawarma, chicken and chips and comfortably opt in for pizza in comfort and style.

Packaging is on point and very presentable. There are 6 new flavours created for the smallie pizza so you have options (Imagine!!!!)

  • Fiery Suya topped with Suya and red chilli
  • Hot Chic topped with cheese chicken and chilli
  • Smallie Pepp topped with pepperoni and green peppers
  • Sweet Marghie for cheese lovers
  • Smallie Beef and Sausage; you know what to expect with this.

I love when competition exist between companies. It makes the consumer experience the best of the particular products they are offering and whoever is leading the market knows they can’t afford to perform below par as their competitors are always on their tail.

Other pizza companies have been sent a message by this new product and they now understand that dominos are not here to play. They are here to stay and compete.

Let me know how you feel about this and know surely, the chef loves comments and it won’t go unanswered.

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How To Make Mayonnaise At Home Under 5 minutes

Do it yourself (DIY) is one of the most searched for on the internet and who knew that Mayonnaise could be made under 5 minutes.

DIY is trending because most realised it doesn’t actually take much to make things we buy at high prices.

After you learn it, I bet you will never buy another mayonnaise again.
You can even make your own variant of mayonnaise by adding your own flavour or food materials.

Examples are Onion Mayo, Eggless mayonnaise, chilli and Vegetable Mayonnaise etc. at a relatively cheap amount

So today, we are going to be treating this topic.

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Mayonnaise is a very important condiment or thick sauce used in the making of different dishes. It is also used in salad dressing and as creams of pastries.



* Egg yolks

* Lime juice or Vinegar

* Mustard (optional)

* Oil (single or mix).
Olive oil, canola oil, groundnut oil

* Salt

* Water


* Note that this can be done under 5 minutes with the use of hand whisk or mixer.

* Remove the yolk of the eggs: for standard measurement, it’s one yolk for one cup of oil.

How do you remove the yolk?

You can break the egg gently on your hand and sieve the albumen out.

Secondly, puncture the tip enough for the egg while to go through leaving the yolk inside the shell.

* Once the yolk is inside the bowl. Add your lime juice, salt, water and ¼ of your oil and whisk well

* While mixing trickle the rest of the oil gently into the mixture until it starts thickening.

* Add your mustard, mix and continue your process until it’s done.



You could just pour your mixture (yolks, lime juice, little water, salt and little oil) inside the Mixer

Mix at low spend and when it’s blending, put in your mustard and trickle in the rest of the oil inside on high speed and under 3 minutes, you are done.

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How to make an Eggwash. (Just 3steps)

“Note that purchase through this blog will help serve you better and grow us at no additional cost to you”

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Hello!  It’s the era of DIY (Do It Yourself). I wrote about making whipping cream and heavy cream last week.

Another easy thing you are going to be learning today is how to make an Eggwash

What is an Eggwash?


An Eggwash is majorly the mixture of beaten eggs and liquid majorly water or milk.

Why do we make an Eggwash?
For every baked pastry, beaten eggs are brushed on it lightly and this gives it attractive golden colour after the pastry is baked.

* An Eggwash is made because it becomes so expensive when you have a lot of pastries to bake and you need to brush all with beaten eggs only.

so we make Eggwash to increase the amount of beaten eggs while still maintaining it’s effectiveness.

* An eggwash is also made during the production of any coated pastries or dishes.

For Example; Scotcheggs, Chicken or beef in batter, Chicken Nuggets, Butterfly coated chicken breast, onion rings, fish and chips etc

* Applying Eggwash on pastries also helps to keep it’s structure making it shine during baking process.

* Addition of wheat flour, sugar and baking powder to Eggwash makes tasty Pan Cakes batter.😋😋

How to make an Eggwash.

1. Break 3-4 eggs inside a bowl and beat evenly

2. Mix 100g of milk with water and pour gently inside the beaten while mixing with hand.

Pastry pal

3. Add salt and pepper (Ground black pepper) to taste especially in the case of full coating.

You might leave the salt and pepper out if you are applying on pastries for shine and colour.

4. Whisk a bit more and your Eggwash is ready.

Egg wash is majorly used for baked pastries except you decide to get creative with it.

It’s happiness to me when I see your comment and shares. I would also love to receive your questions and I can assured you to receive an answer from me under 24hours.


How To Make The Nigerian Moimoi Elewe


It’s a nice day and the atmosphere is just perfect for today’s dish which is MOIMOI.

MOIMOI ( original name worldwide) because it originates from Nigeria is that lovely smooth pudding-like dish that can be eaten alone or used as a side dish.

The lovely thing about this dish is that many things can be incorporated into it for example, we have different kinds of fish, meat, crayfish veggies etc.

I grew up preparing this dish with my mum as a sous chef; helping her to grind, fold the leaves and just practically waiting on her for every order.

I prepared this myself when I was in the university and I wasn’t surprised when it came out well, I had all my life to prepare for that day. Anyway, fast forward to today;

I would love to share my recipe for a lovely Nigerian MoiMoi (for the sake of Non-Nigerian; Bean pudding)

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* 4 cups beans

2 Tatashe (Red bell pepper)

* 4-5 Habanero pepper

* 1 big onions

* 2½ Groundnut oil-

* 2 Smoked or boiled mackerel/ titus fish

* Ground Crayfish

* Seasoning cubes

* Salt to taste

* Boiled eggs


1. The first step is to peel the bean cover. This is done by soaking the beans in water for 20minutes and rubbing the beans in-between your palm. Put some little energy into it and the skin will come off easily.

Add more water to the beans and separation will occur. The heavier shelled beans would move below while the shell will float on the surface of the water.

2. Remove the floating shells and repeat the process until the whole shells are removed.

3. Wash your tatashe and habanero, add to your shelled beans and blend until very smooth

4. Before you finish blending, part of the prepping is to boil and seasoning the fish if you are using boiled fish. When done, de-bone it and shread with hand.

Your boiled eggs should be done by now too. Slice each egg into four parts and set aside. Okay, let’s go back to our bean puree or blended bean mixture

Ground crayfish

5 For the blended beans, pour out in a bowl, add your salt and seasoning cubes, your Groundnut oil, add also your ground crayfish.

Note pls: Some people will add the fish and eggs to the mixture while some people will add it when filling the bean mixture into the leaves. This is so that each moimoi can have almost equal fish egg content.

Wrapping in leaves

The moimoi leaves are fairly big with long stems. So you cut the stems and arrange it at the base of the cooking pot.

This is done so that the moimoi will not make direct contact with the pot. It can get burnt quickly or spill it’s content out

The shape of the leaf is oval so you fold inward to form a cone shape, the break the tip and curve inside to seal the tip.

Pour in your bean mixture into the leaves, pour in your egg and fish mixture, cover the top and seal off.

6. Gently place into the pot. Repeat this process until all the mixture are wrapped.

7. Pour in water to fill in about a quarter of the pot and cook for 45minutes.

Depending on your cooker, you can bring out one about 40mins and open to know if it’s done or it needs more time.

That’s it my friends. Share the experience with me if you decide to try it out.

Let me know what you got. Will be so happy to hear from you.

Also, I would appreciate if you can share and comment on this post.

Be sure I will respond to your comment in less than 24 hours.

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7 Strong Ways To Avoid HUNGER As A Student In Higher Institution

Hello guys, I can’t actually believe I’m writing this but really, if this blog is not about helping lives and actually solving problems then, there is no reason for it.

I will include my own experience because I passed through it and I knew a lot of students that pass through this and because of it, became terrible monsters in school while believing they had good excuses for their behaviours.

Although, I was from an averagely well to do family, there still came sometimes where I couldn’t even afford a day’s meal and you wonder how you will read and pass when your stomach is empty.

By the way, you should know that lacking money or not having anything to eat in a far away institution from home is NOT an excuse to perpetrate evil.

Some join cultism, engage in stealing and real robbery, some girls sell their bodies while some became internet fraudsters.

Why do that when there are sure ways to making sure some of your most vital needs are met.

Let’s discuss some:

1.  SAPIOSEXUALITY: I didn’t even know there was a word for this until I saw it somewhere.

Sapiosexuality is when a person discovers he or she is attracted to intelligent people.

I’m sapiosexual; I love intelligent guys and believe me, almost 80 percent of ladies and many guys are too.

Being intelligent in a school is very precious because it can afford you a good life.

However, You can’t stay in one corner and be forming secret genius. You have to let it show.

Once in my 200level, I decided I was going to be taking my course mates tutorial on things they don’t understand anytime class was without lecturers.

I discussed with my class rep and he was like, why not?

For the moment it lasted, I was well attended too. A lot of guys will invite you to help with assignments and even appreciate you with some sums.

Ladies will come around and sometimes bring delicious foods.

Must I complain I’m getting tired or hungry? Say no more… Food will be flying..

The funniest thing was, I wasnt a genius. I just read when others are not reading!

2. JOIN A FAMILY: A good church, mosque or whatever your religion is, Student union or select good friends.

(Be part of a good family). I will never forget when I suffered and was hungry for days.

When I finally let out to my choir coordinator, He scolded me and his exact words were: Why do we say we are one family of God if we can’t confide in each other? (I hated asking then)

Select a leader in the department you join to talk to. Don’t die silently. Your Blood relations are not supposed to be your only family

3. Humble yourself and start a small food business (it is impossible for you to be selling consumable products and be hungry).

There was a time when my business was suffering, sales was low and I was hungry.

It got to a stage, I made one shawarma for myself and I ate or maybe 3 (lol)

My business didn’t die because of that. I lived to fight another day.

4. BE A GIVER: To say the truth, it’s not every time you will be hungry or not have enough, God is always faithful.

Some few times, abundance will come. Save but don’t forget your neighbours.

Be known as a giver so when you need help, you will be helped. You will not be seen as a fraud, a cheat and lose your self respect and integrity.

5.  Find a school daddy, mummy, aunty, uncle or whatever it is called these days.

If the tough cannot go on again, they would find a way. Sometimes a very strong bond is formed and they care excessively for you.

They will point you to a good direction, give you priceless information and make your school life easier if you get a good one

6. Learn a skill or use whatever talent God has given you.

I understand it’s paramount to discover purpose but I will say for survival sake, recognise your talent first.

What am I good at? What do I love to do, what do I do that doesn’t stress me(enjoy doing it); If you can’t get one, create one.

Learn how to play a musical instrument, learn how to make jokes, repair shoes, make food, join a dance group. LEARN SOMETHING!!

7.  Don’t be toxic, harmful, bitter, a saddist or dirty.  Be friendly, always neat, smart, knowledgeable, always smiling, dependable. Always send out a good vibe.

There are many ladies or guys that doesnt know what it means to be hungry.Mummy brings food every weekend. There is more than enough.

Now I’m not saying be nice because of food or become a beggar; that was why I emphasized GIVING.


Being this way goes beyond food however, I don’t want to go beyond the scope of my topic. You attract good people.

I made a lot of lady friends by just saying ” Can I help with that load, i can see you are tired”.. and while helping, they will be willing to be your friend.

They will even be the one to offer you their contact, you will be shocked.

Make a positive impact to people’s life and you will never be forgotten.

Most importantly, After from surviving in school, you would have made the world a better place.


Kk. Since the post has ended. Let me just tell you a little real life story of mine to solidify my point. 

It was a Sunday and I just finished leading powerful praise and worship in my local church. I got home tired and hungry and it was schools dry season. (When nobody has much)
 About 5pm, I got so hungry that I started feeling dizzy, I couldn’t even remember if I ate dinner the previous night.

Kk, so I was like, instead of dying at home, it’s better to die on the road where people can rush you and ask you what you wanted. I started walking a very long distance to my pastors house.

After 5mins of walking like a ghost holding my stomach, I suddenly remembered that one of my church member (school mate) lived around, so the Spirit asked to just branch.

I got there and as I opened the door, they were just serving (him and his girlfriend), a dish of Rice, stocked vegetables and plantain with beef. I controlled myself first so I don’t misbehave.

They were surprised to see me (I don’t visit people)..  Choir coord,  welcome, they said. Where are you going this Sunday evening as I was carrying bag?
 I lied and said “LIBRARY”.. they were astonished and started hailing me ; efico (meaning genius). So they said; Care for some food before you go?

I was like hunnnnnnnn (forming not sure if I wanted it or not but praying they won’t change their mind)

Long story short, they served me big size; I first gave thanks to God for not letting me collapse on the road and delve into it.

Funniest thing was: After the food, with the fan blowing, I didn’t know when I Slept off.. they finally woke me up around past 11 so I can go sleep in my hostel…. Me that didn’t know the time still wanted to be going to my fake Library….

They just made one funny remark about library and we all laughed and I headed back to my hostel.. strong enough to fight another day.
Lolll. Please help share. I LOVE YOU!


Components Of Every Pastries And Their Benefits (Baking Class 1)

Foundation Of Pastry Making

Hello friends, first of all, I really want to appreciate you for reading and adding to your knowledge. I wish you get better in the culinary art or in any of your endeavours.

I’m writing on this series because this is the starting point whenever I’m to take students on pastry making.

I will be listing out compulsory ingredients in all pastries and how they affect and improve the pastries.

WHEAT FLOUR:  A lot of the cereal family can be made into a flour for example we have cornflour, wheat flour, rice flour etc.
Even though, corn flour has its own place in the pastry world, what is being made use of in almost every pastry known to man is the wheat flour.
Flour constitute the main block of the pastry and it forms the structure and texture of the pastry. Gives it shape and flexibility.

MAGARINE: Notice I didn’t say butter; That’s because many other ingredients have been added to the butter that makes it unsuitable for baking.

Margarine also affect the texture of the pastry, the first time I forgot to put margarine in my donuts, it became turgid with no crunchiness in it.

The reason the recipe of Meat pie dough is most times; margarine being half the amount of whatever the flour, is majorly because the Meat pie must be succulent and crunchy.

Another importance of the butter is the minerals it adds to the body however, the scope of the write up doesn’t permit me to go deeper.

Raising agents: There are two most popular raising agents and when I say raising agents, I meant the ingredient that makes your snacks riseFor example, doughnuts, puffs, pizza, bread etc

The two most popular are yeast and baking powder and I have noticed through experience that yeast is used for soft and succulent snacks while baking powder is used for hard and crunchy snacks.

The differences can be seen more in the pastries they are used for. Example of pastries yeast is used for are bread, puff puffs while the ones for baking powder are cookies, Meat pie,sausages,cakes etc

Let me categorize the rest into accessories; sugar, flavor, preservatives, food colorants. You can rightly guess their work by their name.

FLAVOUR: There are different types of flavor and there are two forms:

* Dry form

* Liquid form


  • Both comes in different flavors like vanilla, strawberry, orange, buttermilk etc. They are used either Independently or mixed based on pastries made. Flavour helps to give your pastry good smell and aroma.

Lastly, lets talk about Food colorants. Food colorants as their name implies helps in giving nice shades to your pastries. It is especially used in decoration of pastries like Cakes, Donuts etc.

In baking class 2, We will deal with the various preparation of different pastries and the application of all the components we have talked about.

I’m sure by now you understand the functions of the different materials used in making pastries.

I delight in seeing your comments and questions and be assured your questions would be attended to within 24 hours.

Don’t forget to help share our post if you enjoy reading our posts.



How To Make An Amazing Sunset Cocktail!!!

Sunset Cocktail

Sunset cocktail is an alcoholic orange based drink which, according to it’s name, mimmicks the appearance of the sun going down.

It was a drink that really captivated me because of it’s two-coloured effects in the cup.

It is usually nice when your cocktail can tell a story, describe a place, or reflect emotions. There are many recipes of these cocktail and any variants but this is by far my favorite.

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* 1cup orange juice

* 1cup pineapple juice

* Grenadine syrup

* Ice-cubes

*  Dash of Orange flavour rum or Pineapple Vodka

* Dash of Lemonade


(Sunset drink among parfaits)
 To Make this lovely drink, you should have a shaker to first premix the drink. It’s a layered drink so the Foundation should be first shaken.

*Pour grenadine syrup and the alcohol into the shaker and shake away with ice cubes

*Gently tip the cup and pour into the cup already filled with ice cubes

* Mix your orange juices together with lemonade and shake inside the shaker.

* Pour gently directly on the water ice cubes and allow to flow easily down on the grenaldine-alcohol mixture.

* It will slightly mix but most will stay up and float giving rise to the two colour display.

* Garnish with slice of orange or with fruit kebab and decorate with your parasols.

By the way,  the water ice cubes will neutralise the sweet taste of the grenadine syrup so it doesn’t become too sweet to drink.

I hope you practice and comment. I would love to hear from you. Also, help share our recipe and link. God bless you.