Chapman drink recipe


Chapman is the most popular cocktail drink in Nigeria; mostly served in events and ceremonies.

To present a good chapman, it must be a sparkling wine colour.

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Cocktail drink can be defined as the combination of two or more relating drinks with the addition of alcohol.

Going by this definition, Chapman can be correctly called a cocktail drink


        RED GRENALDINE(colour)

 Chapman has a signature colour which is a bright wine colour which grenadine helps achieve.

It’s also a sweet concentrate which adds a very rich aroma and taste to the drink.


Majorly Spirite and Mirinda. 

This adds to the richness and taste of the chapman; bubbling effects and dilute the black colour of blackcurrant


You can get it anywhere. E.g; blackcurrant Lisbon, Ribena concentrate.

MIXED FRUIT JUICES:  This will give an exotic taste and distinguish you out as a professional


This is the best bitter to use in chapman, it is alcoholic in nature and gives it a natural Chapman taste


 Get a lemonade. There are some other ingredients if you are boxed up like angostura sport etc However, with this, you are good to go…

Serving suggestions

Make sure you load block to half of the cocktail before pouring in the chapman. Why?


1. It chills the drink
2. It dissolves the concentrate
3. It enlarges the volume of the drink

Drink that will serve 60person without block will serve 130persons with blocks

Mix this ingredients up and let your customers enjoy!!

Now to the main post.. While I won’t advice non-quality stuff, it is also good to know what to do if you don’t have much resources..

Get blackcurrant concentrate, Miranda, lime, cheap bitters, try get red grenadine and you will be okay…

Chapman is a blackcurrant based drink so it will taste fine and you can still dazzle your customer.”winks”.

Please don’t forget to comment and share.  Love you guys.

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