Culinary School In Canada

Culinary Academies Around The World

Culinary academies are institutions where you learn the professional art of food preparation and its business.

It is a vast area of specialization because of the following reasons:

 1. There are innumerable varieties of food recipes in this world to be studied and experienced
 2. Each country of the world has their unique food that goes in accordance with their culture
 3. Its a very profitable line of business as no one survives without food.


There are actually very few standard and registered  culinary schools around the world that can accommodate intenational students. Examples are;

* Le Cordon bleu

* Ashburton Chef Academy

* Royal Academy

* Leith Academy

* Tanta Marie etc

One thing is common amongst these schools is they are very expensive.

Each culinary course (3-6) months go between the range of 5000 dollars to 15000 dollars while 9months to 2 years can cost up to 40-50,000$

For some of the schools, international students costs more while for others, its the same.

Most  international students finds it hard raising this kind of money Hence, my research into finding the best schools offering financial options and are affordable.


 The first country which have been very helpful in reducing prices and making it easier for international students to study and flourish is Canada.


  1. The Culinary Art School Of Ontario (Mississauga)
Though not the cheapest However, compared to most other schools in canada, they really have very good options and benefits.
They have loan options and surprisingly, you can pay installments according to their rules and policies
                             Tuition Fees
 Ontario culinary school offers four courses
* Culinary Art Diploma. ($6550)
* Culinary Management Diploma ($6500)
* Professional Chef ($13950)

* Sous Chef ($7950)

*Other fees are included like books and registration fees is between 1000$- 1500$

For more information, visit;

  2. Vancouver School of Pastry Art

Vancouver pastry training school have a lot of short one day to one week training courses but their next grand full time certificate program starts April.

  Tuition Fees

* Professional pastry training certificate program : $2488 
 * Professional Artisan Bread Making Course: $2288
 * Professional Cake Decorating Certificate Program : $2288
 * Diploma Chocolate Training Program: $2488
 * Advance Fine French Pastry training: $1288.

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  I would love feedbacks, comments and receive any QUESTION you have concerning this schools.

 Also, I will be doing researches for UK and other Countries as request is being made. Stay tuned to Caterbakes. Love you.

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