nigerian jollof rice recipe

      Nigerian Jollof rice and Concoction rice

          It’s a beautiful day friends and a sure day for jollof rice. I actually didn’t want to write this post but who is a food blogger without the jollof post or a rice post?!

Apart from that, it’s like the most popular food in my country However,  I’m writing to the world. So I would write about my own way of cooking it.

Also, I have got an extra package or let’s say a bonus and that’s the street invention or hood’s creative rice recipe  called the Concoction Rice. 

I’m going to formally introduce you to rice concoction and how it saved our lives then as Nigerian students and later on the Street.

Concoction OR concocted rice has many names, the Ibos prepare it and call it “Beykay”

This is the type of concoction rice done publicly with lots of spices that makes the aroma go far and wide but, most times, the taste is nothing to write home about .

This local twist of jollof is not made to please the taste except maybe when prepared by specialist like me (that’s because any food I prepare is always sweet no matter what!  It’s a gift lol),  it’s made to QUENCH HUNGER.

I’m talking about student concoction rice eaten when the going gets tough and the tough is trying to not die while going.

It doesn’t need all the paparazzi of beef or chicken stock,  carrot and the others. The recipe is simple

* Groundnutoil  
If we don’t have the money for groundnut oil,  we will use olive oil (popularly called anointing oil) given in church,

* Borrowed rice or contributed rice
it’s always like this: there is contribution  between who has rice, who has oil and who has kerosene for the stove to cook.

* Maggi
* Tomato paste 
* Ground pepper

Notice I didn’t mention meat, chicken or egg?!!! That’s because there is  ALWAYS NONE.

Nothing chef like because the gas in your stove is so little that if you delay, it won’t finish the cooking.

Just pour everything in at the same time after washing the rice and all of us wait around the rice. Do I hear you say why?

Lol..  Kk, that’s because immediately the rice starts smelling, there are some bigger and stronger boys (wont tell you their names in the institution) that will just show up like magician and carry the joint contribution concoction away.

So this is what we deviced: As the rice is about to get done(About 5minutes to go)

WHILE COOKING (STILL ON FIRE),  we will congregate around and eat it like that.  Yes!  You heard me right.  Hot Like that!!!!

If you can’t,  you go hungry…  So get used to it Lollllllll….  Well,  thank God for where we are right now,  it’s all in the past and it was fun!!!!!!!

 Jollof Rice

Do I really know who invented jollof rice or let’s say do I really care?

Anyway,  what I can remember about this awesome dish is that we only eat to our fill on celebration days for example Christmas,  New year celebration etc and this made jollof rice highly placed in my heart while growing up.


* Rice (definitely lol) – 250g

* Blended  Pepper (tomato,  habanero pepper(ata rodo, red bell pepper(tatashe)

* Bouillon cubes (To taste)

* Green peas

*  Chicken/beef stock

*  Bay leaf

* Tomato paste (1sachet)

* Chicken franks (optional)

* Groundnut oil

* Margarine (a small chunk)

* Carrot, spring onions (Garnishing)

* Onions,  tomato (Garnishing)

* Curry and Thyme

*  Put in 3-4spoons (big spoons)  of oil in the pot

* Add a chip(40g) of margarine with it (to help with the taste and texture of the rice when done)

* Let the oil and butter come to life then pour in your blended Pepper, bayleaf, curry and thyme and tomato paste.  Tomato paste makes your rice richer in the red colour.

* Stir and cover.

* Wash your rice and pour in after some minutes

* Add water and your chicken stock just enough to cover ( I don’t add all the water at once)

* Shake the pot and cover again. Don’t stir.

I know there are many ways of preparing this dish which some include pre-boiling the rice majorly to remove the starch and make it come out better and more separated

However,  I don’t pre-boil and strain out starch because there is a kind of sweetness you get when your jollof comes out a “bit” gummy or creamy.  Oh!  How I love that taste!

After 25-30minutes,  open, add your seasoning cubes,  diced chicken Franks, salt(salt can be added anytime to food anyway) and the garnishers which are the carrot, tomato slices and onions

* Add little more water and close up.

* By the time the water is almost dried, open and cover with foil and let it cook until it is done.

* Don’t worry if it the under layer gets burnt (That’s the trending signature now)

It’s normal with jollof and it gives the whole food a nice aroma afterwards. The youngest get this in my family while growing up…(me)

Anyway,  open up and turn and mix and the rice is ready to be served.

Thanks for reading.  Please don’t forget to share and comment about your own version of concoction or about your life at school.  Will be waiting to hear w is a little bit of time with for your response.  Love you so much!!!!!!!!!


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