Hello friends, Hope you enjoyed my ofada Rice preparation?

Kk,  let’s deal with the sauce aspect. The ofada sauce (ayamase) is a rich and improved form of fried stew that can be easily done to go with ofada Rice specifically.

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It can be taken with refined rice, yam etc. From experience, I have realised there are two types of ayamase,

The green type and the red type.  I was a bit confused at first because because what I grew up eating is the red local rice sauce

However, in the course of my culinary journey, I was being presented with a green sauce also called ayamase.

Basically,  the difference between the two is the generous use of green bell pepper in the first and red bell pepper in the latter.

It’s not that the finished product of the green type is green but not as red in colour as the latter.

There are also two signature processes that forms the ofada sauce.

Process 1
The Palmoil to be used is bleached for like 10minutes.  This can be done by excessively heating the Palmoil until the red colour fades.

Just make sure the pot is covered or get a smoke extractor.

Process 2
This is the generous or normal use of locust beans (Iru) which characterise the ayamashe smell and taste.

¤ Green/ Red bell pepper

¤ scotch bonnet (ata-rodo)

¤ Locust beans

¤ seasonings

¤ salt

¤ onions

¤ assorted meats(cow tripes intestine, hearts etc)

¤ Crayfish

¤ Eggs

Prep time (25-30) minutes

Step1. Wash very well, Season and boil your assorted meat, Set aside

Step2. Heat and  cover  your Palmoil until it is completely bleached(Groundnut oil appearance)

Step3. Set in different small bowls the locust beans,  crayfish and any other extra condiment you choose to add

Step 4:wash your  pepper(green/red or combination of both)  and onions, blend lightly or coarsely not smoothly,

Then,  put into your already bleached palmoil which is on low heat for 10mins,  add your meat,  locust beans,  crayfish and peeled boiled eggs.

Stirred lightly and cover for extra 10mins.

Add salt(salt can be added anyime in cooking),  seasoning and increase the heat for the remaining 5mins.

Serving suggestions: serve with ofada Rice,  yam etc.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

If you enjoy or tried this recipe,  Pls contact me here and let me know how it went.  I love feedbacks.  More so,  your comments, questions and suggestions will be highly appreciated.  Thanks! 

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