5 Signs To Determine If You Are A True Foodie

There were many studies that was not appreciated decades ago and thought to be waste; people’s ideas, thesis, inventions ,music, paintings etc

These lovely ideas were abused and looked down on to the extent that some of the inventors  threw their designs away while others committed suicide. These ideas, we celebrate now.

What happened between the few years in between? We evolved!

Not many years ago, experiencing, loving and seeking out different cuisine is tantamount to being a grub. A useless endeavour However, now we understand better.

What Does It Mean To Be A Foodie?

A foodie is basically someone who does not only love food but is passionate about trying new dishes, knows so much about ingredients and sees food as some sort of pleasure. A foodie is like an explorer who travels far and seek out mysteries about his world of interest.

There are 5 signs that show when someone is a foodie and we have listed them out below.


How To Know If You Are A Foodie

The sole purpose of eating for a foodie is not just to quench hunger. The following are also few of the reasons:

1.  Experience: Most foodie are well versed in spice combination and are always curious about the new chef in town or a new food product.

For example, I was at a supermart and I bought a very small cake for a large amount.

The cashier was surprised I bought the cake; she just couldn’t understand why I would buy such a small cake for a big amount.

It’s about the experience. Nobody wants to make a cake nobody wants to buy. Something must be up and I was right; It was a very soft, sweet, moist cake with a very unique flavour combination.

Moreover, as a foodie, I understand that every chef is unique and eating a meal prepared by another chef can give me insight into his world of flavour. What makes him so unique.

Truth is, most food we eat might be a one-off (we might not eat them again for a long time) However, we have experienced it.

2. Money is never a deterrent: A Foodie does not try to quantify food with money. This is similar to a sport lover who saves for a whole year just to watch Serena Williams at Wimbledon.

3.  A foodie rarely have allergies. Just what we love and what we do not love

4. A foodie also is always a good cook. So we don’t just eat, we also understand preparation based on the years of experiences gathered from different cook and chefs around their environment.

5. A foodie is daring.

So far it is eaten by a particular tribe and it is not poisonous, a Foodie will take a swipe at it.

From Indonesian, french, Italian to Nigerian cuisines. All food is Life and Life is meant to be experienced.

So understand that being a foodie is a calling, is not an addiction rather something to embrace and enjoy!

Kindly looking forward to your  comment below. Let me know what you think and share this to help people who think being a foodie is bad.

Chef Wale loves you!







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