Do You Which To Start Living Healthy?, Learn How To Eat The Right Way

Hello lovelies,

Have you been considering to start a healthy living journey and struggling to decide on what food to eat ?

Worry no more cause Chef Wale got you covered.

I find it repulsive that I should lose out on all the wonderful cuisine life has to offer just because I need to eat healthy. You only live once.” Chef Wale.

This  here summarises the whole content. However, I’m going to expansiate.

Questions That Runs Through Your Mind:

  1. How much really does one need to eat?
  2. Why should you stay away from carbs if it’s the major source of body energy?
  3. Why should I cut off completely confections like chocolate and others when they consist of nourishment and enzymes that are essential for the body to grow?
  4. Can I eat what I want and still maintain a good body shape and good health? Definitely yes!
Why are People obsessed about healthy eating?
  • Fear of Obesity (Getting Fat) and not looking fit
  • staying healthy generally.
  • Fear of having protruded stomach
  • To maintain a beautiful body shape

However, the reverse is the case most times as most of these foods they stay away from have essential nourishments required by the body.

This can even lead to eating disorder called orthorexia nervosa. Simply stated, orthorexia is an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating.

I wonder where one gets all the energy for the hectic days work if you stay off carbs.

Steps to achieving a healthy lifestyle:

1. Exercise

                                                                                                         Credit: Discover magazine

This is a truth no one wants to hear. However, it must be told. Trying to cheat nature by drinking different types of chemicals is always risky.

For every chemical action, there is always a reaction. To achieve a life where you get to eat what you want and get away with it, That life must include exercising your body.

This is why: When you feel up in your stomach and digestion takes place, the end product (sugar) when in excess sugar in your body must be converted to fat because it can not be excreted except by exercise.

These fats must be stored somewhere. So, it goes or is stored in either the stomach or the bosom and a few other places. 

The only alternative is when you burn it off. 

2. Eat only when you are really hungry:

I realized I started adding weight recently. Then, I noticed I didn’t get hungry before filling my stomach up again. This leads to overfeeding; your stomach starts getting enlarged to accommodate the new change in eating pattern and you end up with a body you dislike or a protruded stomach.

So, Learn to empty your stomach before filling it up again.

3. Reduce the sugar:

Yes, I said eat what you want, However, this sweet enemy should be watched. It’s more of making a mental note of how you consume the sweet stuff. For example, I took 3 bottles of soda yesterday, Let the body rest today. I will continue tomorrow.

One should never lose control of one’s life and habit. Addiction steps in when you cannot control how you spend money, how you eat, how you sleep, how you talk even how you exercise.

Your body wants weird kinds of stuff like lazying around, eating everything, desiring everything and not knowing when to stop.

It’s your body and you are the master. Don’t ever let it decide for you or overpower you.

Most carbs would eventually be converted to glucose, so why should you load your body up?

Understand that salt can be extracted from the body. However, sugar cannot. Once your urine starts getting sweet, you are in for Diabetes. More harm than good does sugar to the body.

So what do I do?

  • I replace my carbonated drinks with fruits and smoothies (But still take them sometimes)
  • I try to make a mental note of how many times I take the sweet drinks
  • Once I realize sugar is in the body, I try to burn it off by exercising.

Fasting (Refraining from Food)

Intentional Fasting is not only beneficial spiritually, but It also cleanses the entire body.

It helps to empty your bowels and reset the body to receive new nourishment. It is necessary to do all these things so you can balance your food intake and burn the excess out. Excretion and Urination do only 60% of waste product removal.

Learn to include the above-mentioned so you can eat whatever your heart desires and get away with it.

Eating late into the night

Unfortunately, it’s not a myth that it’s awfully bad to eat too late into the night.

This is hard for me to type as I’m very guilty of this too.

Eating late at night or waking up to fill your stomach causes bloating most of the time, and adds to your weight amidst other stomach irritations.

The stomach’s digestive system is majorly not at its best at night. So, a larger part of food eaten might not be digested which leads to bloating, passing out gasses, burping, etc.

In summary, stop the late-night feeding habit except it can’t be helped.

To be sincere, you can control your body and I see you improving as you take charge of your eating habits today.

I hope this helps you make that decision to a happier and healthy life.

Don’t forget to send in your comments and questions. I’m always around to answer to the best of my ability.

Chef Wale cares.






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