Event Catering


Doing events is a must in any part of the world as ceremonies and rites must take place. Examples are marriages, promotions, get-togethers, reunions, remembrances, and religious celebrations like Christmas etc.

This is very profound in the western part of Nigeria where “owanbe things” is the order of the Saturday. As prevalent as events and “ariyas” are, so are the set of people that makes it a success or a failure.

Event vendors are numerous and more are rushing into the industry day and night. Some of the vendors include;

¤ CATERERS –Food and drinks





  ¤ RENTAL SERVICES and lots more…

Now, we as a vendor either the chef or the make-up artist etc, these are the list of things you should avoid at all cost.

Following these guidelines will ensure you are being seen as a professional and will increase your chances of being recalled for another event.


1.  When engaging a customer for an event, DO NOT PROMISE WHAT YOU CANNOT DELIVER.

As an emerging vendor, there are some jobs you would have to implore the help of your mentors or other bigger vendors you know can handle them.

These challenges can come in form of technicalities, skills, lack of equipments and branding.

If you are faced by this problem, just outsource to a trustworthy vendor that can take care of it. You would still get some profits.

However, if you decide to tackle it, many things can happen from bad image to bad beating depending on who hired you lol..


This is the most important when engaging a prospective customer.

It is paramount for a vendor to be well updated on the prices of materials he needs for the job so as to be able to give a good price.

if not, you are going to run the risk of underbilling your customer and when the deal is sealed, it is very unprofessional to go back and start asking for more funds. This sure reduces your chances of being called again.


This is the height of it.  This will ensure you are never called by the client again and even worse is, you might never be given your money.

An instance is where a food vendor was contracted for smallchops by a reputable company.
He got there 20mins late for him to be told the meeting was a 15minutes meeting and its finished and the consumers are gone already.
So he had to go back with the order and no payment.

 Another instance I know of was my client’s story of her child’s naming ceremony where she contacted a vendor for grilled croaker fishes.

They had finished the naming ceremony and since it was during the week,  her friends and family were all supposed to go resume work.

 It was then the vendor came and started firing the grill.

 She confessed to me that she cried and for the vendor,  not only did he refund the money,  he was never to be called again.  So please, do everything to meet up the time given to you.



Be smartly dressed in your regalia, talk professionally and act PROFESSIONAL except you are being called as a clown or comedian.

This can not be over-emphasized.  Please,  learn to MIND YOUR BUSINESS; As an MC,  you shouldn’t be seen fighting for food.

As a food vendor,  what really are you doing on the stage dancing except you are part of the family or close friend.

Do not forget to comment on your experience and help share.

 Do your work as best as you can with the best of smiles and attitude.  Love you guys!!!

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.