Health Benefits Of Water Therapy And Why You Should Try It Out

Water Therapy

I have always been inquisitive about this therapy to the extent of placing myself under it for days. I will let you know the results before the end of this write up however before we get to benefits and risks; I think the more important question to ask is: Does water Therapy actually works?

Water And The Body

It is not news again that the human body (your body) is made up of 60% water and it also performs a lot of functions in the body which includes urination, joint lubrication, digestion.

 The brain is about 73-75% water and even the bones is about 22- 31% water. Read more at
My summation here is;
Even without making water a therapy, our marriage contract with water is unbreakable. Nobody can survive without. It’s everywhere; in the food, in the atmosphere etc. Water is very important

          Stay with me!!

Water Therapy involves three simple steps
1. Drink 1.5 litres of water (6cups) every morning when you wake up  before brushing your teeth. Also, make sure you wait for 45mimutes before you eat.

Does that make sense?

    Well, my professor told me that there are some amazing microorganisms that money can’t buy that develops in the mouth overnight which when washed down the body with water when you wake up can work wonders in the body.  Then, give them time to work before you eat.This looks similar with this first point2. While undergoing this therapy. After taken breakfast, lunch or dinner. Don’t take anything else for another 45minutes.

Why this is so, I can’t be so sure However, when you are going through water Therapy, don’t mess it up with alcohol, smoke and all. YOU ARE GOING THROUGH A THERAPY!!!3. Make sure the water you are drinking is pure and safe so you don’t add to the issue on ground

 Benefits Of Water Therapy

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 It should be noted that water is used for different other therapies like contrast bath therapy, Steam baths ( cleaning, refreshing and relaxation), Sport practising like shadow boxing under water, Running under water etc.
However, what i will be listing here are the benefits of drinking water on empty stomach in the morning (water Therapy)
According to different publications, it was said that water Therapy treats the following diseases;
* Obesity (too much fat)
* High blood pressure
* Body Pains
* Asthma
* Some types of Cancer
* Arthritis
* Epilepsy
* Meningitis
* Menstrual disorder
* Diarrhea
* Eye problem
* Constipation
* Pulmonary Tuberculosis
* Kidney Stones and many more..
It also activates your metabolism and flushes out negative ions in the body. Amazing thing is; Many of these diseases are treated within 90 days  of starting the therapy.
Personal Experience
So I started my own water Therapy adventure even though I didnt know why I was doing it. I wasn’t fat or sick but since water is available and free.. I thought; Why not😁😁?
The first day was hard. I realized drinking 6cups of water or 1.5litres was an Herculean task. I think I tried it for a week before I grew tired. HOWEVER, I observed the following;
* I urinated more frequently.
* I feel lighter after every session and I eat less
* I feel more energetic during the day
And because of this post, I’m starting again for 30days of which I will update the results here.

RESULT (after 30days)… Updated

* I lost some weight because it makes me eat very little and I forget I’m hungry most times

* I felt light and healthy

* Some people complained about my skin

* I lost interest in taking soda and sugary things cause I was always hydrated and not tasty.

More results will be coming from others who participated but here is mine.
Any Risks???
Water Intoxication (Hyponatremia):  This is rare and it majorly happens during competitions. The stomach can hold 1.5litres when its full of food. The stomach is a very strong organ. This is why it is said that you MUST DRINK THE WATER ON EMPTY STOMACH IN THE MORNING! 

This is so you would prevent Hyponatremia.

You must also be careful be disciplined and not abuse water intake so as not to disturb body homeostasis ( balance between salt, sugar, temperature and several elements of the body). So when taking your food, eat healthy foods.

My Final Summation ;

Water is free and available. I will choose water therapy over surgeries, injections or drugs anyday.

So why not start the therapy with me tomorrow and let’s be healthy… I will love to receive your comments and if you would love to observe the water therapy with me. Cheers!!!

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