What is caterbakes? What is it all about?

Giving all courtesy to God, the first baker who baked a sweet, succulent, snowy food later called manna meaning ” what is this?”

Caterbakes is about improving lives through food catering as a business, food health and the love of making foods.

What is passion if it’s not fulfilling a vision, sustaining you and making you happy.

This blog is created to teach, enlighten and release the secrets people have been hiding on many presumed technical appetizers, food and nutritional myth and facts.

Another very important reason why it was paramount I started this blog is because it is believed generally that all you need is to learn how to make food.

However, much emphasis is never laid on how do I convert the knowledge I’m craving for to money which is majorly survival.

When I finished learning all I needed to learn, it took me another 3years to understand the business and entrepreneurial aspect of the business and I learnt the hardest ways.

I went from happy to being depressed (most times) to happy and depressed until my eyes opened.

I will not claim to have attained However, the little experience I have gathered, I will willingly share without keeping anything back which is the sole purpose anyway.

We are realistic, passionate with a good sense of humor and reading our blog will open you up to a lot of things you don’t know or remind you of things you might have forgotten.

Also, varieties like pastries, confectionery {sweet things like candy, chocolate, ice-creams}, cakes, small chops{samosa and spring rolls}, chicken n batter, peanut burger…, kebab, asun, gizzard,punches, pizzas, shawarma and lots more would be adequately dealt with. 


 I started 6years ago during a time I was Longing for my purpose.

I was sad because I wanted to do something with my hands, self made, make an impact in my generation and I just couldn’t find something to do until God heard my prayer with an unquenchable passion for food making.  

It will also feature ideas on how to start and sustain your own business, outsourcing, marketing plans to get institutions and companies, secrets to outshine your competitors and of course how to make the lovely products {right in my own registered street kitchen called baker’s Cafe}.

All things done here will be real and practical down to the pictures you see.

Actively professional so you can actually learn.
My submission

If you are lucky to discover your purpose early,  follow it acutely because that’s the only direction to fulfillment and happiness and if it so happens to fall on food, count me to be your best friend. Thanks.

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.