How To Become A Successful Chef In Nigeria

I know by now, many things are running through our minds; For some, re-branding while for others, maintaining and upgrading their company. While all these are necessary, if you are an aspiring chef hoping to make a difference this year, you need aforemost



Gone are the days where you only make money by preparing food at an event, work in a restaurant or as private chefs.

You cannot afford to maintain your normal routine and hope for your financial level to change.

You have to follow in the new trends; For example;

* Online Training through social media like whatsap

* Start a food blog or You tube channel

* Get more certified and become a food consultant or food review specialist etc

* Create ideas that will trend and make you popular and known for what you do.


Let me make you understand that so far you have taken the decision of not working under any company in which you would have been given a set objective or daily routine as your boss deem fit, you have automatically made yourself a businessman.

You don’t have to wear a suit and hold a briefcase. You not only have to learn marketing skills but you should also attend business seminars and probably a business school.

This is because being skillful as a chef is not enough to make you wealthy; you might end up being the best worker. You need to understand how to grow and structure your company and these goes beyound mere smartness.

You need to pause a bit from concentrating too much on making the best stew or pastry and shift focus to issues like branding, the art of negotiation, customer services, online and offline marketing, outsourcing.

This part (sorry to disappoint you) is a little bit more important than making the best food.

What is the essence of making a very delicious meal which nobody buys because they couldn’t see you or they didn’t know you exist?

A wise guy said that the eyes observe a thousand more than what the brain can process.

For example, A company boss studied a pathway where most of his workers pass every day to his company.

After some years, he called them one by one and asked them, the small pathway where you pass daily, did you know there is a tree at the end before you leave the pathway,?

98 percent of them said they did not notice whereas, the tree was there staring at them everyday as they pass the pathway.

What am I saying?

You must learn the skills that makes you recognisable to your target customers; don’t ever assume they know.


This is the major difference between giant companies and small companies

They understand the power of excellence by separating their workers into detailed objectives and assignments.

Then, all results are funneled through a set of managers including their accountant.

Now imagine the other areas like proper negotiation ln and making it grow etc

I understand that all these can take time but it pays at the end of the day.

The secret to your success in this year might just be you investing in people and them spreading your investments.

 Understand and never forget that the only time the business is making sense is when the business is making net profit to sustain every individual connected to it.  

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.