All You Need To Know About Fitting Cereals Into Your Diet


Cereals are underated most times as snacks and comfort food or just taken whenever you feel like indulging in junks.

However, this is far from the truth as cereals are one of the most important part of our diet and without it, one runs a risk of having countless illnesses.

 Why Is Cereal Important? 

1. Cereals are a very good source of dietary fibres.


Sometimes I get emotional when I write, that’s  because I believe if people are well informed, they would not find themselves in bad situations.

Do you know what fibre does in the body?

why are they so essential to our health?

Food fibres dissolves in the stomach and form a gel like substance that allows digested food to be slowly absorbed into the body.

This stabilizes sugar level and prevent cholesterol build up ultimately preventing Diabetes

It also allows for free movement of waste product in the large intestine and prevents haemorroids.

It also keeps your weight in check and makes you live long.

2. Cereals are an excellent source of breakfast from corn flakes to oats.

Why Breakfast is a must!!!

* It’s the most important food of the day as it improves concentration at work and prevents loss of memory.

No wonder many companies provide breakfast for their top workers; the engine room to their organizations

* It keeps you from consuming junks which affects your body weight and injest lots of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) into your system. It summarily keeps your heart in good shape.

3. Cereals are rich source of vitamins, carbs, minerals like iron and protein so they supply energy needed and nutrients for the day and they are easily digested.

Phote credit: sciencebuddy

4. Cereals are healthy because they can be combined and taking directly with different fruits, vegetables and milk.

5. In the case of having a picky eater on your hands, cereals can be easily planned and incorporated into good and attractive dishes any picky eater cannot resist.

6. They contain phytosterol which prevents cancer like breast cancer by blocking oestrogen that causes breast cancer.

7. Cereals are also very good for children. This is because children requires a lot of nutrients for their body growth, daily activities. This can be gotten from cereals which is dense with nutrition.

They are also relatively cheap to procure, sweet and are easy to prepare unlike most foods.

They save you a lot of money trying to get pastries or burgers at work.

To cap it up, one is guaranteed a healthy and strong life if one can incorporate cereal into his or her life.

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