6 Reasons Why You May Drink As An Adult And Dangers Of Alcohol

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Chef Wale is here to educate you on the need to cut down on your drinking, if you have a drinking problem or have a loved one who does these are reasons why you should quit today.

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It is said that “when the reason or the causative organism for an ailment is known, it is half solved already”

What Is An Alcoholic Drink?

It is any fermented liquor such as wine, distilled spirits, or beer, that contains ethyl alcohol or ethanol (CH3CH20H), as an agent for intoxication.

According to research, it is discovered that nothing less than 3 billion bottles of beer are consumed every year in Nigeria leaving out wine and gins.

One wonders who drinks all these when both major religions have kicked against taking alcohol.

I will not be dwelling on whether alcohol consumption is good or bad.

However, I will be shedding light on the different factors that lead young boys to become men and start drinking.

Also, I will be listing out the disadvantages of taking alcoholic drinks and I will leave you to decide for yourself if to continue, regulate, or stop.

The decision is yours! So let’s start.

6 Reasons Why You Might Drink As You Grow Into An Adult


As one grows into self-realization, one of the first things you will be made to understand from the older ones is the fact that beer and Spirit belong to the matured ones which in itself is not bad.

So naturally, you are conditioned to believe that one of the rites of passage to adulthood is when you start drinking.

One is conditioned to drinking Carbonated drinks until you grow older and you can’t wait to grow older so you can ”feel among”.This is bad.



This makes it worse because if you grow old enough to start taking alcohol and you refuse to indulge in it; you face a lot of pressure from your friends.

You are mocked in different ways and it takes only the strong-willed to overcome this level of peer pressure or you simply change your friends (which is sometimes hard to do).

Preferred Solution

If you don’t want your child to grow up desiring liqueur, You should take it upon yourself to properly sensitize your kids that alcohol consumption doesn’t equate to Manhood.

Children are only excluded because of the following reasons;

  • Alcohol/Body weight absorption ratio
  • The inability of a child to know when and when not to take alcohol
  • General mental and mind maturity and some other health dangers


You have probably heard the common statement “Under the influence of Alcohol”. This has put many into trouble and well, sometimes out of trouble.

The mindset that taking alcohol makes one courageous enough to do things they might otherwise run away from.

Examples are:

* Public speaking

* Public performances

* Show of affection

* Confrontations etc

Remember, the post is to enlighten both men and women about why people consume alcohol, especially men.


The Bible says, ”Give strong drinks to the perishing soul”. Even for the very rich, there are challenges we face daily that threaten to swallow us up. In the Journey of Life, You are bound to face one challenge or the other which some overcame and many others were overwhelmed in. Examples are:

  • Marital Issues (Here, the man doesn’t want to go home because the home has turned into a war zone, and prefers to drown the sadness at the bar)
  • Debt accumulation
  • Relationship breakup (Love Issues) etc

Man tries to lessen the heart pains by drinking away their pains However, true peace lies in Jesus Christ.


This is the most common reason why men drink which brings us back to the 2nd point; Peer pressure. While we can’t fault a beer or wine company for advertising, the contents of their adverts majorly most times center around drinking as a measure of a mature, strong, and classy man. This is wrong and it needs to be worked on.

Kudos to the beer company which now includes “Don’t drink and drive” in their advert.

6. THE DRUNK: For this set, there are no known reasons. You can take alcohol from them, you can’t take them from alcohol. However, they miraculously stay sane and in control of their drinking.



While alcohol has some advantages, its disadvantages weigh more heavily.

  • Causes the Kidney to wear out due to excessive filtration work
  • Drinking while driving causes accidents which has led to millions of death
  • Leads to addiction
  • It depresses the central nervous system and affects human judgment and capability Etc.

Now you know some of the reasons why people drink and from what I have written, I know you will be able to make some changes to improve your life, family, or your partners.

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