Why you should invest in the COCKTAIL business!!!

        The cocktail Company

 Firstly, I would live to say thanks for always creating time to read and learn.  Without you guys, caterbakes is just a souless voice. Okay!
Investing in this age and time has proven to be the most lucrative venture ever if done right. However, its also the fastest way to lose your life savings because of many factors.

 While many loves the idea of investing in the food industry, Very few actually do because they know nothing about the industry.

 Its an industry where you need skilled workers and a lot of invariables are involved unlike where a solution Is developed and showcased to companies after if received will only be monitored.

In food, there are a lot of uncertainties and disappointments; However, I discovered a part of the industry that is flexible enough to maintain a decent and safe investment and that’s the cocktail industry.

5 Reasons why you should start a cocktail business or Invest in it

1. Establishment

       Unlike the main courses and appetizers, setting up a cocktail company is quite easier. It might take you to enrol in a few weeks training class if you want to be personally involved or just employ a professional whom you will pay to do the job and you can learn from.

To start, its more of your skills at mixing (knowing what to mix together) than the actual materials and equipments you need to get. Compared to other business areas of food business, the cocktail, smoothie, dairies  business is the easiest to establish.

2. Financing

 To start an event cocktail and drinks business, you don’t necessary need to get a kitchen.

 For other aspect of food catering, there is need for huge financial backing in case of mismanagement, irregular and unstable prices of materials etc. However, the cocktail business has stability; so there is lesser risk of folding up.

3. Preservation
    Another good reason why I would put my money on the cocktail business is because most of the materials involved are almost 100percent preservable.

All the wines and drinks can be freeze or tightly covered. All your dairies can be preserved. So, you avoid losses by wastage through spoilage.

4. Accountability
 For most cocktails and drinks, Service to clients is through glasscups which are measured.

Also, during negotiation, charges are made per cups and by the way, sizes of cups are different.

All in all, you are saved from dubious employees trying to clear you out.

 For example, an ex-worker of mine who I told to buy #2000 worth of meat bought a thousand and I didn’t know until later and that’s because I have experience and intuition.

However, that can’t be done with cocktails if the owner is vigilant.

You are able to know what your expenses are, your sales are and your resulting profit which is the major key for growth in any company.

5. Easy Processing
 For this point, I wish to make it known to all cocktail specialist and mixologist that I don’t intend on downplaying their business.

However, for a chef like me that has catered in different aspects of food from appetizer to entree, I really believe the cocktail doesn’t require much stress as those in the appetizer section.

A good example is smallchops (finger foods),

 To make just 100 packs, it must follow through different layers of preparation from knife works on vegetables to making of the cover to making of sauces, wrapping, folding, chicken grilling, puffs making, banana fritters, meatballs, prawns, peppered gizzard etc.

It doesn’t end there, you must probably fry at the event so as to be able to serve hot and at the end, you might not make half of the profit cocktails will give you.

So, are you looking to invest without raising your blood pressure or falling into depression, cocktail business is the business for you.

 NOTE PLS, I’m not implying there are no challenges in starting a cocktail business. I’m only juxtaposing the different stabilities, profitabilities and stress level of various food businesses.  

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.