Obesity: Definition, Causes, And Foods To Avoid

This write-up was done after intensive research with respected and notable nutritionists both in the medical world and in the educational world.

I believe we understand the basis and foundation of obesity and even the risks However, the persistent question on my mind is; Can the causing factor also be the curing factor?


Before I give you a summary of what obesity is, I would love to remind you that the blog is not scientific; if you love to read more, links will be given to you.
Its focus is food as it is written so even a layman will be able to read and understand and make reasonable changes where needed.

Ok! Let’s go on…

OBESITY, which is the leading disease that is preventable or treatable, is the addition of excess fat to the body till it starts making the body malfunction. It’s the source of uncountable diseases from atherosclerosis to diabetes etc

Do you want to know if you are one or coming close? Simple!

Divide your body weight against your height. (Metres square) For example, I’m 90 by weight and 6ft in meters should be around 1.7m.  multiply 1.7 by itself and divide it by your weight and you will know if you are normal, slightly overweight, overweight, obese, or very obese.

25-30 is the range from overweight to obese. 30 upward is the range of obese to very obese.

So let’s say I’m nearing overweight and caution needs to be taken.

What makes FAT so hard to eradicate?


Fat has so many uses in the body. In fact, without normal body fat, the body might suffer different complications.

Before I let you into the reason fat is hard to lose, let me share its functions with you.

Some of the functions of fat in the body are;
1. They are heat absorbers. They are located around most organs like kidneys, heart, etc because their work produces heat and something needs to be done to absorb it
2. They store up in the body and get converted to energy and nutrients when the body is not well nourished. This is why people lose weight when fasting or are in places where there is no food or water. Their body fats get converted to nutrients that help to nourish the body

3. They underline the skin where they help maintain regular body temperature.

Let’s stop here… Read more yourself.

Fat is hard to eradicate because unlike salt and other substances that can be expelled by urination, sweating, crying, etc, they have no OUTLET. They have to be burnt and the incoming source of fat has to be lowered or cut off.

According to science, humans store most of their fat in their buttocks, breasts, and stomachs.
Now let’s go to the reason we are here;


Note: These are not for people who don’t want to put in the work and discipline it takes. If you are one, please stop reading!

Also, it took you several months or years to gain up the weight so don’t expect a one-week solution. It takes a process of diligently coming down over some time and these have no side effects on the body.
Measures to take to lose fat without or with less exercise
1. Water Therapy:  Click on this Water therapy to know more but to summarise;

*Wake up in the morning and drink as much water as you can

* Wait for an hour before you eat. (That’s it majorly)

Functions Of Water Therapy

From experience, it will kill your strong urge for food, junk, and sugary foods. You eat less.

Since it has been researched that the major cause of obesity is food, taking water will cut down the amount of food you take and still make you feel filled (Not hungry).


Even if your work calls for it, always find time to move around and expend energy.

Make sure you take any opportunity to walk around. Make sure you sweat in a day.

Yes! You can call it exercise but it is light exercise. Make sure you are not seated in a place all day.

Don’t be lazy. Engage in skipping when less busy, go on a walk and meditate, intentionally, clean your house, wash your car.

Do something that gets your blood moving fast. Engage yourself in judo classes, dancing classes, community service, or any sport you love just for the fun of it.

 As you are doing this and enjoying it, you are burning off fat. Just REFUSE TO BE SEDENTARY!!!!!


If you are so into fried foods, you can try using non-cholesterol oils however if you can, dump foods with high cholesterol. Remember, we are on a journey and determination helps you do this.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance made by the body to produce some hormones and maybe vitamins.

It’s essential in the body However, too much of it will form plaques around the artery wall thereby shortening the space where blood is passing.

Blood realising this will want to force itself through thereby causing heart-related problems like artherosclerosis.

So eat good oils (Non-cholesterols) or do Grills!


I wrote extensively on this and you can check by clicking here… Fruits and vegetables

They are rich in fibers, antioxidants, and vitamins that not only balance your food intake and enhance digestion but also prevent the build-up of sugar in your body which will eventually be converted to fat if not used.


Probably they have told you but you feel they are exaggerating or you are procrastinating about stopping or reducing it, let me inform you; Sugar is at the core of obesity.

Sugar through a process called Lipogenesis is turned into fat and stored or used in the body. The whole shady deal occurs in the liver when it metabolizes fructose or sucrose into fat.

Sugar will not be left unused in the body; so when there is the excess of it, it get converted to fat and get stored in the body.

Now, sugar doesn’t only causes obesity, sugar also causes diabetes and high blood pressure. Not stopping there, this same sugar also affect your Sterility as a man. TOO MUCH SUGAR IS BAD!!!

*Cut the sodas

* Cut the diary products with lots of sugar

* Cut alcohol (beer); contains sugar too. Alcohol (spirit) weakens your kidney.

* Cut raw sugar intake. Sweet things are cool but not worth my life.


It has been written like a program in the body that any unused food digested as glucose (which is supposed to provide energy for the body) should be converted to fat. So;
* Eat small to fill your stomach and don’t over eat
* Make sure you feel hungry before you eat. Your body must digest the previous food and demand for another before you give. Stop stuffing your stomach and eventually, your body with unused glucose. It will be stored as fat.


This might seem strange to you but I will explain. Except your cause of obesity is DNA related or others that needs medical expertise, this works most times.
Self psych evaluation is self motivation to become a better you. Sometimes you need the help of a loved one to achieve this.
1. You speak out what you want.
2. You develop control over your MOUTH. It can be extremely difficult. You might cry many times when the urge comes extremely strong on you but for the joy of the result, you must stand your ground. If what is killing is what you use YOUR HAND to put into YOUR MOUTH, then it can be controlled.
You own your body, your body doesn’t own you. Command it to do your biddings because if you don’t, your body and lack of self control is KILLING YOU AND YOU MIGHT DIE. SO TECHNICALLY, ITS A WAR AGAINST YOURSELF.

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.