homemade charcoal grill


Hello guys.

I really felt after writing a lot about grilling different proteins (the Art of grilling), it is just fair to show you how to make a simple grill in your kitchen by making use of everyday available kitchen utensils.

It’s good to buy a good grill or some uses electric or gas oven. However, in absentia of this, I believe you should still be able to concort a simple grill of your own.

Infact I’m going to be showing you a lot of pictures today so you can be encouraged.


Whenever I see any equipment or machine,  what I study is its mode of operation.

I don’t bother myself with the complex machineries but what it entails.

For a grill, it is;

1. A mesh carrying the meat
2. A charcoal layer underneath
3. A stand that will hold the mesh in place
4. Sometimes, a cover to protect the meat from dust if outdoor grill and to conserve or imbibe the heat inside The Grill. That’s all.

It was funny when I realised that the grilled corn, the meat bbq(local suya),  all of these people who makes it publicly actually constructed a mini grill..

So if they did,  why not you. Let me show some amazing pictures including my own invention. Pictures speaks better!!



Now,  I think you get the gist!  The only stress you might go through is igniting the coal.

For me, I get kerosene to do the job; I’m not really a fan of blowing and blowing until my eyes pops out.

Another alternate, if you don’t want to fan manually, get a rechargeable wall fan or mini fan with a rotor and hold it to it.

It would do accurately or even better job than your hand. Loll..

So guys, please I need you to build your own simple grill today and send me the picture.

Please share and let’s see who builds the best simple grill. Hoping to hear from you and see your simple grill.

Please guys!! Help me with the share button!!


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