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Stir fry noodles.

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Hey guys!  It’s Caterbakes which means we cater and we bake.

Noodles both home and abroad has been one of the most favorite derivatives of flour. It is more popular and enjoyed in the Asian countries.

OK,  so recently,  I stumbled upon a popular local noodle and egg joint while hunting for good street food joint and I was surprised when I saw the method by which the noodle was being prepared.

On that fateful night, two challenges presented itself..  Firstly,  there were lot of customers waiting for noodles.

Secondly,  there were just 2 people working and it was around 11:00pm.

So, I was interested in how they were going to attend to all in record time and believe me, they did.

So, to get more details, I’m going to be preparing it as I saw it and adding a feel of my own style into it.

Believe, it’s worth a try the next time you intend on cooking noodles.


* A pack/packs of any noodle of your choice

* Veggies( carrot, sweetcorn, green pea etc) 

* Onions

 * Fresh pepper (scotch bonnet) 

 * Eggs

 * Groundnut oil 

 * Diced hotdog(optional)


If you are preparing more than one noodle for example, 5 different noodles separately for different customers

1. Get 5 bowls with functioning covers ready!

2. Break the 5noodles into 5smallbowls, then boil water to boiling point and poured into the bowls just enough to cover the noodles and cover the bowls and set aside for 2-3mins.

3. While the noodles are rising and getting parboiled,  put on low heat little oil in a frying pan, pour in your Habanero pepper, onions and veggies and stir lightly.

4. By the time, the veggies and Co are lightly fried,  the noodles would have risen in the bowl.

5. For the first noodle, Sieve excess water away and pour in the sauce and stir consistently for another 2mins and serve.

Repeat process for as many noodles as possible.

Protein Accomplice

Any type of protein (meat, fish, snail, gizzard..) can go deliciously with stir fry noodles or can even be cut and used as garnish.

  However, out of all, the protein that can be used more creatively is the unfertilized chicken eggs.

 It can be boiled, marinated in sauce, scrambled or into an omelette. Also, you can break the egg, whisk the content and add when stir frying..  

Pls help share and comment.. Oh!  How I love to hear from you!

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