Pepper Stew is the most common stew that can be seen in Nigeria especially the local restaurants called “Buka”. It can be prepared with palm oil or groundnut oil and it goes with almost every Nigerian dish.

It’s excellent with rice, yam, bread, pastas and most swallows ranging from eba to fufu.

This wonder sauce is, as I said, very simple to make.


* Habanero Pepper
* Red Bell peppers
* Onions
* Seasonings
* Groundnut oil or Palmoil

* Tomatoes (fresh or Paste)

* Meat, Chicken or Fish

* Crayfish (optional)

* Curry (Optional)


Just before you start the fire, you need the following preps;
* Wash all the peppers and onions and blend coarsely (not too smooth)

* Wash your meat, chicken or fish; season and boil. Add a little bit more water to the meat so we could have meat stock.

KK. Let’s start cooking

Firstly, pour the blended pepper in a pot and cook for 30minutes. Allow it cook and let the water dry. Put down and set aside.

Get your pot set on a low set heat and pour in your groundnut oil or palm oil, leave for like 45seconds

Add your boiled meat to fry lightly for about 2-3minutes before pouring your blended pre cooked pepper. You can remove the protein if it’s fish you are using and add later. This is so that the fish won’t scatter inside.

Cover and cook on average heat for about 20mins or more depending on the volume of the blended pepper. Then, open and add your curry, beef or chicken stock depending on the meat and flavour you desire.

Cover again and in 25 mins, Open, add your seasoning and salt to taste.

Stir, reduce the heat and put off after few minutes.

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